Continuing on our series of Weekly Competitions that are run on our Discord server. This week’s theme for our Weekly Competition was ‘Underwater Volcanic City’.

Competition Details

  • Participate for your chance to WIN a MidJourney Invitation
  • ONE of ScreenCandi NFT (Tezos).
  • Get featured on our blog as well

The participants have until the deadline, to post ONE of their AI Generated images that fit the theme of the competition. The image must be created using AI and the participant must be willing to share

  • WED 22nd June 5PM Los Angeles – 8PM New York
  • THU 23rd June 10AM Sydney – 8AM Singapore – 2AM Paris
  • Winner will be announce on 25th June – 10AM Sydney time

Winner – Naunet

Underwater Volcanic City by Naunet

This week’s winner of the Underwater Volcanic City themed Weekly Competition is Naunet (aka Naunet24 on our Discord). Naunet was given access to MidJourney platform is now exploring the possibilities with his imagination. Currently not feeling familiar with the NFT land Naunet declined the offer to recieve a ScreenCandi from our ScreenCandi NFTs collection.

About the Image and the Creator

I’m 25 years old and have studied communication design. Since I can remember I was fascinated by art in any form but always struggled to bring my own imagination on to a piece of paper. I’m not the best at drawing so I always used photography and music to communicate my thoughts.
I recently discovered Ai Art and could finally somewhat visualise the image in my head to a real image. I still struggle to say, that I created the image as I know how much work talented artists put into their artworks. Comparing their work to any image I made using AI would be insolent. It’s a great tool nonetheless.
So far, I gained a little bit of experience using Starryai and Disco Diffusion. Starryai was a great tool to start with and experiment on different prompts and settings. For this image I used the Orion Ai (Clip Guided Diffusion BETA), 600 iterations and an initial image to get the colours to match the underwater theme, as previous prompts failed to recreate the typical look of an image taken underwater.

Using this as an initial image, I got pretty good consistent results and tried tweaking the prompt until I got an image I like.

Using this as an initial image, I got pretty good consistent results and tried tweaking the prompt until I got an image I like.

“Modern building underwater with street in front and lava river by Greg Rutkowski and Seb Mckinnon, overgrown buildings street lights water refraction, artstation”
The lava river came out more like lava seaweed to be honest but as Bob Ross would say: “It’s a happy accident.”
As a final step, I applied minor colour corrections using Lightroom and upscaled the image using Gigapixel.

Thanks to the wonderful community that has been taking part in the competitions. We look forward to bringing you more great creations and wonderful prizes.

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