Continuing on our series of Weekly Competitions that are run on our Discord server. This week’s theme for our Weekly Competition was ‘Post Apocalyptic Cityscape’.

Competition Details

  • Participate for your chance to WIN a MidJourney Invitation
  • ONE of ScreenCandi NFT (Tezos).
  • Get featured on our blog as well

The participants have until the deadline, to post ONE of their AI Generated images that fit the theme of the competition. The image must be created using AI and the participant must be willing to share

  • WED 15th June 5PM Los Angeles – 8PM New York
  • THU 16th June 10AM Sydney – 8AM Singapore – 2AM Paris
  • Winner will be announce on 17th June – 10AM Sydney time

Winner – Andrew Jones

Post Apocalyptic Cityscape by Andrew Jones

This week’s winner of the Cybernetic Jungle themed Weekly Competition is Andrew Jones (aka LoneEcho71114 on our Discord). Andrew was given access to MidJourney platform is now exploring the possibilities with his imagination. Currently not feeling familiar with the NFT land Andrew declined the offer to recieve a ScreenCandi from our ScreenCandi NFTs collection.

About the Image and the Creator

Basically i first done a thumbnail of the artwork then expanded and opened up on a new canvas .Then i enlarged image then refined image.i then completed doing the image which took me about 5 hours using various methods of digital painting ie texture bashing and photo bashing then completed said image with digital art methods. I then used Disco Diffusion by adding image in init_image field ,then copying and pasting a prompt from the art section on discord and text to the image prompt section as well.

The prompt that i used was:

“text_prompts”: {

“0”: [ ” An ultradetailed, digital-art, 4k-concept-art-wallpaper, of a futuristic-brutalist cyberpunk cityscape late at night. The skybox is filled with an alien sky with a distant, bright glowing god-ray blackhole emitting crepuscular-rays, twinkling stars reaching deep into the distant background. ” ],

Thanks to @Keith in ADHD for the prompts that i used.

Tools that i used were Clip Studio Paint EX and Disco Diffusion v4.1

Thanks to the wonderful community that has been taking part in the competitions. We look forward to bringing you more great creations and wonderful prizes.

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