Incredible developments in the AI space in the last few weeks. I cannot find enough hours in my day to try new things and write about them. However is one of those tools that I’m super excited about and have been playing around with it for a few days.

Magnific is romanian word for Magnificient, is truly fitting of this AI based Image upscaler.

UX of the Magnific Upscaler – Editor

Magnific.AI User Interface

The UX is very clean and well designed, not complicated jargon or technical sliders that you’d need PHD to understand. The interface is very intuitive to use. It is called the Editor. In the Editor you have:

  • Input Image – where you drag and drop the image you want to upscale
  • Scale factor – currently only limited to 2x but more would be supported in the future (hopefully)
  • Optimized for – a drop down selection which lets you choose what kind of image you’d be upscaling, default is Standard. I guess this pre-conditions some magic recipes or settings that will enhance your image. The options are:
    • Standard
    • Portraits
    • Art & Illustrations
    • Videogame Assets
    • Nature & Landscapes
    • Film & Photography
    • 3D Renders
    • Science Fiction & Horror
  • Prompt – you can specify a text prompt to help the AI generate specific details for your image
  • Creativity – how much details the AI will add to your image, its cleverly described as “hallucinate” which is quite cool. The slider goes from value of -10 to 10
  • HDR – which is typically referred to as High Dynamic Range, increases the definition of the details and contrasts. The slider goes from value of -10 to 10
  • Resemblance – more of an Advanced settings which defines how close to the original image the upscaled result should be but can lead to blotches or dirty/gritty image. This slider also goes from -10 to 10
  • Engine – this is the upscale engine that will be used to upscale your image, default is Automatic and I mostly use that. But the other options are:
    • Magnific Sparkle
    • Magnific Illusio
    • Magnific Sharpy
  • Upscale – final Upscale trigger to start upscaling the Input Image using the settings specified.

One of the limitations of Magnific.AI is that it limited to 4K image size at the moment so you cannot upscale beyond that. However, I am still baffled by what it can do even with these limits. I also put together a video walk through of Magnific.AI which you can watch and see some sample images as well, however there are comparison images available below for more pixel peeping.


With all the AI tools GPU demand is high and therefore there is no FREE trial or beta release where you can use this service for Free. You do need to Subscribe to use it and there are three monthly plans: $39 per month, $99 per month and $299 per month

I’m using their $39 per month and I got 2500 credits which are used based on the size of image you upload, anywhere from 5-15 credits per image.

It’s totally worth it!!!

Upscaled Images

Below are some of the images that I have upscaled using this tool. The mind blowing details and just in the right areas where you’d want it is truly magically and magnificent as the name implies.

Consider the details in her hair, face (pores, freckles, creases etc) and the details in her clothes. I have not seen any upscaler do this with this high quality and perfection. The background is not touched too much so we can maintain focus on the subject which is the focal point of the image.

The pirate image below, no words and mind blown!!

Last but not least final image which is an illustration that I created using SDXL some time ago. This image I ran through twice in that is from the original 1216×832 pixel to 2x upscale and then again 2x Upscale, hence achieving a 4x Upscale factor. There are a few artifacts that appear in the upscaled image eg. double door handle, some rocks turn into tiny cars, and second man that appears out of no where but I like it adds to the suspense.

It is amazing, game changer and ultimate tool that one should have in their arsenal. I had been using Topaz’s Gigapixel until now which was good but Magnific.AI has lifted the bar 10-fold.

Thanks for stopping by and if you made it to the end you deserve a pat on the back. Please do share if you liked my content.

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