Frame interpolation is a technique used in video processing to create additional frames between existing frames in a video sequence. The purpose of frame interpolation is to increase the frame rate of a video, which can result in smoother motion and improved visual quality, especially for slow-motion effects or for converting video content from one frame rate to another.

Now I wanted to use this technique on a Series of Images that are similar to one another and therefore I simply them to be morphing from one to another using this same technique. You can also increase the number of frames in a video to make it more smoother, so the workflow can do both.

However my primary reason for building this was to use image to video, using Frame Interpolation.

The node used is Film VFI which I found gave me the best results and is automatically downloading the model when you run. The model weights only 130 Mb in size so its not heavy to run and only uses

Screenshot of the workflow. Download the Workflow below


Frame Interpolation Workflow (180 downloads )

Download and import the workflow in your ComfyUI instance, both PNG and JSON formats are provided for this workflow. Refer to the Note within that explains some of the settings and why they are used.

If you use images that are close to one another in composition you can get a very smooth and fluid result that looks like its morphing from one to the next.

Here is a sample video which showcases multiple different clips created using the workflow above, the images were not created using this workflow.

Image Generation Tips

To achieve the best results find images that can blend easily:

  • The steam punk ladies are posed and framed similarly so blend nicely
  • The Maui god images were generated using ControlNet so the composition is the same with the same prompt but varying Seed.
  • Try to have similar colour scheme within images so again they morph from one to next seamlessly but it will create a smooth transition effect.

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