Following the Artist study done using SDXL 1.0, I explored the entire list of artists using Midjourney v5.2 with its default settings. I used a lot of FAST GPU hours to produce this while combining the permutations technique where one prompt can result in up to 20x images. Grouped within each prompt were 20 artists names and hence resulting 196 combined prompts.

What I didn’t realise is that this burns through the FAST hours in Midjourney so fast. Even with the highest plan I had to buy extra hours to keep going.

But I’m glad the work is done. It’s a labour of love and I have discovered so many cool artists that I am now using in my prompts to influence the image with this artist’s style. I regularly share on Twitter/X artists from this collection so you can always follow me there to discover more artists.

Prompt: art by <artist name>
Seed: <random>
Model: v5.2

From the entire collection I’ve hand picked 100 different artists from A to Z which you can browse through at your leisure below. If you wish to enjoy the entire collection, all I ask is you purchase it below. This helps support me in creating more content and keep this website running.

Complete Artist Study

Following the below preview of 100 artists, if you are interested in getting the entire library of artists containing total of 3916 image, you can grab this from the below link for a nominal fee. Just follow the link below and purchase the entire collection which is 1.3GB in size.

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