LivePortrait in ComfyUI

LivePortrait in ComfyUI

One of the most exciting releases of this week has been the LivePortrait model which was released by KwaiVGI and soon after was incorporated in a Custom Node for ComfyUI by Kijai. The custom node bring with a sample workflow that can be imported into ComfyUI and you...

Custom SDXL LoRA – Newspaper Collage

Inspired by some collage images I saw on Midjourney which emulates newspaper clippings which are glued to form shapes or characters, i was inspired to create a SDXL LoRA (Low Rank Adaptation) style that would emulate this to some degree. As I have documented by...

Create High Quality Vector Illustrations using Midjourney

Vector images and illustrations has been something that the stock image suppliers have had a very nice monopoly on since forever but now with the AI image generations tools like Midjourney you can generate 1000s of your own images very easily. In this post which is...

Famous Logo Processed with ControlNet

ControlNet is the latest neural network structure that allows you to control diffusion models by adding extra conditions, a game changer for AI Image generation. It brings unprecedented levels of control to Stable Diffusion. So naturally this is the latest buzz going...

Midjourney Versions – AI Evolution

Midjourney is one of the most popular AI Text-to-Image creation applications out there with millions of users world wide. I have been using Midjourney since the closed beta days when they started. However at the pace the platform has evolved in the first year of its...

Generative AI for Krita

Oddly enough seeing a lot of live LCM popping up everywhere especially Krea.Ai which has implemented it already got me further curious and I somehow discovered Krita as a result. Krita is an standalone open source image editing software, so its free and feature rich...


Rouge Noir SDXL LoRA

Rouge Noir SDXL LoRA

Inspired by the latest post about some really cool LoRAs by Araminta, I got back into training my own LoRA which I had not completed since some time. The aesthetics of this is based on black and red tones, creating high contrast images with silhouette and reflections...

Stable Diffusion 3 in ComfyUI

Stable Diffusion 3 in ComfyUI

Stable Diffusion 3 (SD3) is close to being release I can sense as Stability.AI have just release its APIs that you can access. These are free APIs but you need credits to generate images. You can access SD3 and SD3 Turbo models and they use 6.5 and 4 credits...

Top 5 RunPod Templates for AI Image Generation

Top 5 RunPod Templates for AI Image Generation

3 weeks away from my desktop has forced me to explore environment more and more. This lead to getting comfortable and testing the various builds of the Templates that are available in So here I will share my opinion on my Top 5 Runpod Templates...


Easiest Way to Train your Own Motion LoRA for AnimateDiff

Easiest Way to Train your Own Motion LoRA for AnimateDiff

Okay so I though this process would be hard and it is and was but its actually very easy!! First let's talk about the Bad Training AnimateDiff Motion LoRAs when I researched was linked to this repository which is called AnimateDiff-MotionDirector. The repo is about a...

Beautiful Artistic LoRAs by Araminta

Beautiful Artistic LoRAs by Araminta

Discovered this wonderful Parisian artist by the name Araminta K who has been exploring the latent space and embracing the possibilities. Araminta has trained several LoRAs that have been released on Huggingface page Download the LoRA individually to run locally on...

ControlNet for SDXL are here finally

ControlNet for SDXL are here finally

We are finally seeing the release of some ControlNet for SDXL which are available for download thanks to Xinsir who has released three Controlnet specifically trained for SDXL models. These are: Canny - my favourite Openpose Scribble I suggest you rename them after...


How to install ComyUI Manager – Step by Step Video ComyUI is very powerful when it comes to building custom workflows to generate images, videos and all kinds of created images. In this video tutorial I show you how you can quickly and easily install ComfyUI Manager in your ComfyUI...

How to Run Stable Cascade Locally

How to Run Stable Cascade Locally

Last week has been incredible with the release of some really cool updates in the AI space, most notably the one getting least attention at the moment is Stable Cascade. git clone cd Stable-Cascade python -m...

Midjourney Hallucination and more by MANΞKI NΞKO

Midjourney Hallucination and more by MANΞKI NΞKO

I came across this innovative technique where @manekinekoAIArt (Neko) describes the process of how he came across a prompt that let's you take Midjourney on a Hallucinogenic trip to create some unique images created using simple prompt that Neko shares and using...

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Wild Storm at Sea

An intense image of a wild storm at sea, the sky ablaze with a fiery red sunset. The setting sun illuminates the churning waves with a dramatic, crimson light. The intricate details of the turbulent sea, the vibrant sky, and the play of light on the water are all captured in sharp focus, rendered in stunning 32k resolution –ar 3:2 –s 1000 –q 2

Prompt credit: @orctonAI

Lady in Fashion Steampunk

A full-length digital art rendering of a sophisticated lady in a fashion steampunk attire | Posing elegantly against a backdrop of a Victorian-era clock tower, bathed in the soft glow of sunset | Adorned with gears, brass elements, and antique leather details | Apply a muted color palette with sepia undertones to create a sense of historical intrigue and class –style raw –ar 3:2

Prompt credit: @techhalla

Intricate Costume in Rainforest

a person wearing an intricate costume on a pond in a rainforest, in the style of dark gold and dark aquamarine, powerful portraits, pop-culture-infused, junglecore, blink-and-you-miss-it detail, oriental, machine aesthetics gyptian mythical creature in armor and necklace, in the style of marianna rothen, densely patterned imagery, paul lovering, gold and aquamarine, culturally diverse elements, junglecore, stylish costume design –ar 73:80 –v 5.1

Prompt credit: @g0rillaAI

Panning Photo of a Car

panning photo of a classic white ford mustang driving, close-up photo, poolcore, reefwave, orange and white flowing lines, 32k uhd, lively, precise nautical detail, highly detailed –ar 7:3 –v 5.1 –style raw

Prompt credit: CreaCas

I changed the car to Black Mercedes-Benz c63

Man with Gas Mask

a man with a gas mask in apocalyptic world with the buildings destroyed, toxic atmosphere, wide Angle, Atompunk style, hyper-realistic, cinematic lighting, chiaroscuro, hyper-detailed –ar 16:9 –v 5.1 –style raw

prompt credit: @mayorkingai

Fruit and Veg

A {fruit or vegetable}, pastel {color} background –ar 16:9 –style raw

prompt credit: @kalsonkalu

Darkcore Baltic Violence

cinematic, Avant Apocalypse jellyfish meets Darkcore Baltic Violence Tumblr –ar 16:9 –v 5.1

prompt credit: @nickfloats