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The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art is both Weird and Wonderful. Which is what makes it fun and beautiful at the same time. The AI produced Generative Art can give wonderful meaning to the creators vision.

Using AI to bring this vision of the artist to life requires patience and perseverance followed by a meticulously process of curation to only select the best creations which are then carefully manicured and enhanced to add more depth and drama by the artist to create the final artwork.


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Getting Started with JAX Diffusion

Getting Started with JAX Diffusion

For a long time now since I started playing around with AI Art creation, I have not had much success with JAX and have in fact given up on it after trying several times. I found it hard to understand and use, kept crashing often even when I have faster GPUs...

Disco Diffusion Modifiers

Disco Diffusion Modifiers

Below is a collection of modifiers or styles you can add to your AI Art creation when using Disco Diffusion to give it a particular feel. This helps AI further in understanding what kind of look you are going for the final result. This collection is again shared by...

Anything Punk Modifiers for AI Art

Anything Punk Modifiers for AI Art

This is once again a wonderful study using Disco Diffusion to demonstrate the kind of result adding these modifier achieves on the final image. This study was conducted by Stephen Young who made significant contributions to Disco Diffusion 70+ Artist Studies which...


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