SDXL came out for public use last week and I spent most of the time testing and playing around with this new model locally. I then stress tested by GPU by running close to 4000 prompts back to back generating images that will try to emulate the Artist styles that SDXL would recognise. I did a similar study with Midjourney as well which you can see here, it was focused on version 4.0 model of Midjourney.

But running my own instance gives me a lot of flexibility and using Automatic1111 with SDXL made is quite easy to produce these images. The prompt was straight forward “art by <artist>” which would get the SDXL mode to emulate the style and creations of that artists.

Prompt: art by <artist>
Negative prompt: blurry, soft, low quality
Steps: 25, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 7.5, Seed: <random>, Size: 1024x1024, Model hash: 31e35c80fc, Model: sd_xl_base_1.0

Warning: Some nudity may be found with some artist’s image

Below is the entire resulting gallery for your exploration or use the search box below to find the artist you are looking for:

Comments are the bottom of these 4000 images use the button to jump to the comments. Let me know if was of any use to you, or if you want an artist to be added to the list.

Offline version of this Study

Many have asked over on other social platforms and here that, they would like to be able to get the images offline so they can explore at their leisure. So I have found a way to make this feasible as a content creator and website. You can now download the offline version of the entire catalog (1.3GB) at a nominal fee of $7.

You will also find the entire list of artist (some studio) names at the bottom of this gallery, you can get to it by clicking on the comment button as well.