Stable Video Diffusion as I covered in an earlier post about its release (Stable Video Diffusion using ComfyUI) is rapidly taking over the internet but not just that also my workflow. I find myself playing around with various Image-to-Video setups and so far one of my favourite is a modified version from Nuralunk.

The workflow uses SVD + SDXL model combined with LCM LoRA which you can download (Latent Consistency Model (LCM) SDXL and LCM LoRAs) and use it to create animated GIFs or Video outputs.

There some Custom Nodes utilised so if you get an error, just install the Custom Nodes using ComfyUI Manager.

SDXL LCM LoRA SVD Workflow (26543 downloads )

Select the image you want to animate, define the SDXL dimensions you want eg. 1316 x 832px which will be the dimensions for the final animated video. By default, the workflow is setup to create 25 frames and create a 6 frame per second (FPS) GIF. However, you can push to higher FPS, I’ve been able to go up to 24 FPS in some of my experiments.

In my experimentation I set the motion_bucket_id to various values such as 128, 192, 256 (just stuck with 64x multiples), however you can try any values you like.

The Video Combine node, also has a fun feature which is called pingpong which basically creates a looping results by going forward and then back through the frames generated, which gives a nice result. Before I discovered this option I was using external video tool to loop the video but this is such a time saver. It also means you end up with twice as long clip.

Showcase of the Results

I uploaded several images that I had from created and started to experiment with them. Below you will see many results produced as MP4 video and GIF images. Interesting how in some images SVD makes the subject blink.

Image Credit – PhletchyIRL

I hope this inspires you to create your own animated clips or GIFs using this workflow. Don’t forget to share your results via the comments below, I’d love to see what you create. You can always tag me or WWAI_Art X handles.

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