A major missing piece in the ComfyUI interface has been the in-ability to easily manage multiple workflows as you work. Until now I had been running two tabs in my browser, normal tab and incognito tab which allowed me to have two workflows open so I could test and update the other.

There was no easy way to manage this until now with Comfyspace ComfyUI Workflow Manager.

It let’s you seamlessly switch between multiple different workflows with easy.

Create new workspace and load your ComfyUI Workflows, give them a name so you can easily locate when you want to switch.

Access and switch between different ComfyUI workflows with ease.

As explained by the author, the workspace is saved in your browser so if you switch browsers you’d need to start again. However as this is a very, very fresh custom node I am sure that more updates will be released. I have a feeling that this will become very popular with the ComfyUI community.


Installation is easy you can simply clone from GIT into the custom_nodes folder of ComfyUI. Make sure you restart ComfyUI after you are done installing.

cd custom_nodes && git clone https://github.com/11cafe/comfyui-workspace-manager.git

Alternatively this Custom Node is available also via ComfyUI Manager simply search for “ComfyUI Workspace Manager” and you will find the custom node to install. Remember to restart ComfyUI.

Video Demo of Comfyspace

Check out the video below that demonstrates the features of this custom node and walks through the installation and usage of this wonderful and time saving addition to ComfyUI world.

I have just started using the workflow and am really loving the freedom and flexibility it brings when using ComfyUI. I am sure if you are a ComfyUI user then you’d love using it as well.

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