Our very first blog post in the series of Weekly Competitions that are run on our Discord server. The first week’s theme for our Weekly Competition is ‘Cybernetic Jungle’.

Competition Details

  • Participate for your chance to WIN a MidJourney Invitation
  • ONE of ScreenCandi NFT (Tezos).
  • Get featured on our blog as well

The participants have until the deadline, to post ONE of their AI Generated images that fit the theme of the competition. The image must be created using AI and the participant must be willing to share

  • WED 8th June 5PM Los Angeles – 8PM New York
  • THU 9th June 10AM Sydney – 8AM Singapore – 2AM Paris
  • Winner will be announce on 11th June – 10AM Sydney time

Winner – Gabriel Fagundes

Cybernetic Jungle by Gabriel Fagundes

This week’s winner of the Cybernetic Jungle themed Weekly Competition is Gabriel Fagundes. Luckily Gabriel had already gained access to MidJourney by then so he declined the invitation, however he did get himself one of our ScreenCandi NFTs. He chose ScreenCand #11 as he had the option to pick from our collection.

About the Image and the Creator

Greetings there fellow AI art enthusiast! I would like to share with you a brief explanation and story behind the AI image I have chosen for the first competition.

I began with Disco Diffusion v 5.2 with the prompt “A beautiful painting of a cyberpunk mangue, colorful river, neon lights sky across a tumultuous jungle by greg rutkowski and thomas kinkade, Trending on artstation, unreal engine”

The word “mangue” here is translated as “Mangrove”, though I thought the result was incredible the mirrored side bothered me a little, the second version had a lot of information and felt more polluted, I then aimed for a cyberpunk city with 800 steps in DD v5.2, and ended up with the prompt: “”A beautiful painting of a venusflytrap robotic city, shining its neon lights across a river between a jungle by Dangiuz, Trending on artstation.”, “purple and red color scheme”

The final result entwined the cybercity with the environment better than what I expected. Should you want to see more of my DD and Midjourney AI Art, feel free to check out my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/arrchos

Here are some of more images shared by Gabriel. Make sure you follow Gabriel on Artstation and checkout some of more wonderful artworks created using AI.

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