There are wonderful new tools available to us for creating art using text-to-image AI conversion technique which means that when you describe something to an AI, how well the result it will produce will depend upon how well you structure the AI “prompt”. Prompt is referred to the text string you submit to AI for creation of the art that you prefer.

We have various different adjectives, modifiers and styles documented on this site that are wonderful resource for you to use in your prompts. Check out our resources sections for many posts on this.

In this post I will share some of the AI Artists I follow and have learned so much from them because they share their prompt when they share their images on social media. Learn from them, ask them questions and interact with their posts, the Twitter community of AI Artists is very supportive and generous.

Marc Aaron

Marc Aaron is a very creative AI artist and I definitely recommend you follow him on Twitter and check out some of his work there.

Rivers Have Wings

AI/generative artist. Writes her own code. Absolute power is a door into dreaming. Follow her on Twitter and learn from her shares.


Somebody I discovered quite early in my AI journey and by studying this artists prompts I got to learn a lot on how to structure the words together for AI to covert your vision into art. Make sure you are following BorSergOS on Twitter.

Encyclopedia Erratica

Encyclopedia Erratica is very talented AI artist who has contributed to the Artist Studies using Disco Diffusion and is quite often sharing prompts of images published on twitter.

AI Generated Artwork

Learn from AI Generated Artwork’s Twitter posts not only the prompts but also often details about the parameters used in various Google Colabs.

Kodiak Arcade

Some really cool and surreal artwork by Kodiak Arcade

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