This is mind numbingly simple, yet so powerful that once you understand what you can do with you can create some very powerful attention grabbing videos using AI. In particularly we are talking about ControlNet 1.1 in conjunction with Stable Diffusion.

The concept and idea was first noticed on a Twitter feed by @Willgibs (Will Gibson) who posted this thread outlining the steps he took to create this attention grabbing video (or GIF).

The goal is to use the ControlNet Lineart Model to take a JPEG of a logo and use the website to create images that will trace around the black lines of the logo image. Resulting in quite a unique image that encompasses the logo within it in a surreal way.

However when I tried to use the website multiple times it was not working. Being a freely hosted application on Hugging Face I assume it was under resourced and over burdened. The resulting image if all goes well should show up where the “error” is.

So I decided to run up my own instance of Stable Diffusion with ControlNet on my custom PC. This gives me the resources I need and the freedom to experiment. Below are all the steps I took to create the final piece, using this logo of a deer jumping.

Final Animated result of Deer Logo

You can download the logo if you want to experiment yourself below, just right click and choose save as.

Download this sample image (Right Click and Save as)

If you are new to this site and need help with setting up your environment please review the following posts:

You need a GPU that is able to run Stable Diffusion and I recommend 8GB of GPU memory.

The Process

It’s actually quite simple once you have the environment up and running. I am listing my settings below:

  • Stable Diffusion checkpoint:– you can use any preferred model (I’m using revAnimated_v121)
  • Prompt: bird’s eye view of forest (use Negative prompt if you want, but not necessary)
  • Sampling method: default (Euler A)
  • Sampling steps: default (20)
  • Size: default (512 by 512 px)
  • CFG Scale: default (7)
  • Batch Size: 4 (you can leave it at default of 1 if your GPU memory is low)
  • ControlNet: Enable (check the box – otherwise it won’t work)
  • Control Type: Lineart
  • Preprocessor: lineart_standard
  • Model: control_v11p_sd15_lineart
  • Control Weight: 1
  • Control Step: 0 (start) and 1 (end)
  • Control Mode: default (Balanced)

Hit Generate and you should see the results. Once you have the images you like you can easily create a GIF using EZGIF or use your favourite video editing software to create a video.

Below are some of the results that I got using various prompts which are also included in the caption.

bird’s eye view of forest
bird’s eye view of island
bird’s eye view of lava
satellite view of remote island made of black rocks
satellite view of clouds
satellite view of clouds

I also made a quick animation for a photographer friend who has a very nice logo. Check out his website and buy one of his prints.

Update 22nd June. Experimented with a few more logos.

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