I came across this very talented artist @0xFramer who has made some really amazing illustrations and animations I have reviewed the artist’s X feed. Framer created their own version of Where’s Waldo style illustrations and then has shared their process on how it was all done.

It is so cool that I had to reach out and ask for approval to post the tutorial on the blog and some of work.

Framer’s version of Waldo looks something like this and the tutorial on making of these illustration is sourced from this X post.

Tools used

Framer used various tools to create these illustrations.

Can you spot Waldo in the images shared on this blog post?? Its not easy but Waldo is there!

Framer’s Process

First a simple prompt is used in Midjourney to create multiple wide aspect images

The resulting images look something like this.

Framer explains that for Midjourney to create the image in the style of Where’s Waldo, you need to provide at least 5 reference images of actual Where’s Waldo illustrations from the web. The reference images also need to be similar to what you want to create, as explained: if you want a spaceship but supply farm images as reference – you will end up with farm like images.

So one of the prompts used and shared is:

/imagine prompt: https://s.mj.run/GXMZK-s9ZWk https://s.mj.run/7p2EHmWNFW0 https://s.mj.run/VeyBGZHo7uE https://s.mj.run/bN19fHxQOTY https://s.mj.run/MsU8xsH7gTk https://s.mj.run/e0yihGydIiM https://s.mj.run/4V6uWA2EJq4 Where is Waldo in LOCATION –ar 16:9

You substitute LOCATION with desired location.

Framer then employees ChatGPT to further produce some creative ideas to inspire his creations.

Next step is to generate some base images using these ideas with Midjourney by construction and using the above prompt variations.

To enhance the Midjourney images Framer uses Magnific AI (I have done several posts on this great tool, you can find here).

Using Magnific preset, Art and Illustration with the same prompt from Midjourney, the image is enhanced using 2x Upscale – Creativity:3-5, HDR: 1 and Resemblance: -1 (these are Magnific settings – in case you are wondering).

To enhance the details another 2x Upscale which will add more details to your image, this time the settings are: Creativity: 0, HDR: 1 and Resemblence: -1

Next step was to clean up each image using Photoshop to ensure the image fits well and any artifacts are removed.

The final step is of course to add Framer’s version of Waldo in the secret spot of the image and blend it in, this is all done in Photoshop in the end.

You end up with some wonderful creations like these. Make sure you check out Framer’s socials and follow.

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