I came across this innovative technique where @manekinekoAIArt (Neko) describes the process of how he came across a prompt that let’s you take Midjourney on a Hallucinogenic trip to create some unique images created using simple prompt that Neko shares and using abstract images as a starting point.

Here are some of the results from my experimentation using this method.

The Process (by Neko)

As described by Neko in his post on X, I will walk you through the process in more details and what tweaks I have added of my own to this method.

In Midjourney, first start by creating an abstract image of your choice. I created what you see below using prompt: “abstract map of Fukushima, dueotone velvet grey and cream“. I am using the Midjourney website to create as I have now got access to Alpha site but if you don’t have it you can do this in Midjourney Discord using the same process.

Now select the abstract one you like and grab its URL from Discord, here is how:

Run a new prompt “and more and more and more” + URL of your abstract image you created. This forces Midjourney to do some Hallucination to try to generate something out of the image you supplied plus the “add more” text.

In my usage of this process, I also tweak the –stylize parameter which further helps with hallucination. You can try with or without but know this that there is always a default value of 200 applied for every generation, so I’m exaggerating it with higher values.

Here is the result of my initial run.

Now you create Variations “Vary Strong” or “Vary subtle” of the images you like. Below are results from 3 and 4 position image above.

This variation is “Vary Subtle” which create subtle variations with original prompt + image and the selected result.

Here is an example of “Vary Strong” which introduces lot more new details and face is much bigger in the resulting image.

You don’t need to stop here you can further take the prompt “and more and more and more” + URL of abstract + URL of one of other generations. Get creative at this stage because Midjourney is adding more details and elements to your resulting image based on the supplied reference files.

Here are some tips that Neko quotes in original post (credit to Neko):

  • Use with an image url
  • Best used with version 6
  • Best used with an image that is somewhat maximalist and/or abstract. Even better if it’s an image that was not created in MJ because that seems to introduce even more variety.
  • Remixes and Vary (Strong) can “lock in” the subject of a first gen result and amplify it. This means to get lots of different hallucinations, start “fresh” with a new run of the same prompt.
  • Experiment with the number of “and more”s: 3 is a good start but can get even more crazy with higher numbers!
  • You can replace the “more”s with specific things, but leaving it ambiguous gets more varied results

I have more example just below that did like this. You can also change the amount of time “and more” is used in your text prompt, you don’t have to have 3 repeats of it, you can have more.

Below you see in the image I changed the prompt and added weights to it as well using ::2 as the strength and you start to get some intriguing result.

Vary Strong of the #4 image above (see the large version above at the start of the post)

Another Example

Generated some abstract spoke and then used exaggerated “add more” to go crazy with Midjourney.

Created variations of #1 and #3 image above and I started to get these super awesome results.

YouTube Tutorial

Following the interest in this post, I created a YT tutorial around this method so you can check it out and follow along as you create your own images.

Example with multiple URLs

Here I mixed the two Abstract images created for this post and let Midjourney go to town.

Got some pretty awesome results once I ran Variation Strong on the #1 and #3 image.

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