Midjourney is by one of the most easiest and fun places to hang out when it comes to AI art generation. The platform is rock solid and can churn images for you that will captivate your imagination. I have seen some people creating some cool stickers so I wanted to share with you how you can do this using AI (Artificial Intelligence) Midjourney platform.

Although the article is focused on Midjourney the prompts can be used in other platforms as well to create similar results.

Keywords to use in your prompt structure:

  • sticker
  • die cut
  • kiss cut
  • logo
  • sticker design
  • white background
  • vector art
  • cartoon
  • vinyl
  • flat art
  • 2D
  • vector graphic
  • sticker sheet
  • no image noise
  • no lettering (unless you want text)
  • no text (unless you want text)

You can also force exclusion using dedicated “no” attribute in Midjourney, –no <text1> <text2>. Example –no finger text

Example Prompts with Results

All the prompts below used the –testp attribute because at the time of creating this post Midjourney were testing a new model with this attribute. It may not be needed in the future hence the prompt provided below don’t include it. You can include it to see if gives you a better result.

die cut sticker of dio de los muertos concept art, vinyl, die cut, skull only

sticker design

Cartoon owl head Sticker, white background , tiger colour tones, die cut sticker, no image noise, no lettering, hyperdetail, maximum detail

sticker design

cute sticker design as cartoon zombie character, die cut, very detailed, no lettering

zombie sticker design

Below is the case when you don’t use “no lettering” and only the prompt “cute sticker design as cartoon zombie character, die cut, very detailed”, you start to see some text appearing in the images.

zombie sticker design

sticker design of anime female, die cut, pixar style long shot portrait, gorgeous eyes, cleric dwarf, dungeons and dragon, high quality, front view

sticker design
sticker design

die cut sticker design, cartoon zombie head

cute sticker of a chibi witch with purple too-long-robes, long hair, witch hat, render, sticker

Hope you like this collection of ideas on how to create cool sticker designs using Midjourney. As a subscriber to Midjourney you can also explore the community feed related to stickers.

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