Magnific.AI has quickly become one of my favourite image upscalers thats super easy to use. There are a few settings you can tweak and start upscaling your images. If you are wondering how to get started then check out my earlier post Magnific.AI Upscaler where I walk through the interface and show a few samples.

I also posted a video on this which got a lot of comments: many people don’t like that its paid service and does not offer trial. However, I can understand with the uptake in GPU usage (Nvidia shares sky-rocketing) it may be a sure way to run out of money if you are starting a service.

So to help people get a feel for the difference and understand that if they want this kind of quality they should pay for this service if it suit their budget and workflow, I will do a comparison of both Midjourney v5.2 upscaled image by 2x with the same image upscaled using Magnific.

You can decide for yourself!!

Comparison Video

Watch the video comparison of the two upscalers or continue scrolling to see the images.

Comparison Images

In order to display the image, I have resized them all to 1600px wide so that they are not too heavy for the page to load. However the image quality should be distinctly comparable as you use the slider below to compare.

Magnific vs Midjourney Upscale Comparison (15116 downloads )

The landscape image from Magnific is definitely more superior that the Midjourney upscaled version. The details are more prominent and well defined in comparison.

The space ship below appears to have more definition in the Magnific upscale vs the Midjourney one. There are some other artifacts that appear in the Magnific version which are common AI symptoms when upscaling based on AI models.

With the illustrations though both are nice and usable, however Magnific certainly creates more contract and is somewhat sharper than Midjourney version. These are pretty much at par with only slight differences where you could say Magnific is better.

As I had noticed with Portaits in my earlier post Magnific is definitely better at the job than Midjourney and this is pretty much an open and shut case. There is no comparison in quality produced by Midjourney is very heavily retouched, lacks details, blotchiness in hair, where as Magnific is far more superior and accentuating the details of a human and adding realistic character to the image.

Details are finer and well defined in Magnific version vs Midjourney. It feels that Midjourney is doing similar upscaling that Topaz Gigapixel does as standalone software.

The 3D render image is upscaled nicely by both but where Magnific beats Midjourney is the smaller details which you can see are far more advanced in the upscale.

Again, I’m glad to see small independent services popping up and happy to support them as they take on the big giants. Now it may not be too long before Midjourney enhances their upscaler in their next version (v6) and surpasses Magnific but time will tell if that will be the case. For now, there is no beating the quality of upscaled images from Magnific.

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