ControlNet for SDXL are here finally

ControlNet for SDXL are here finally

We are finally seeing the release of some ControlNet for SDXL which are available for download thanks to Xinsir who has released three Controlnet specifically trained for SDXL models. These are: Canny - my favourite Openpose Scribble I suggest you rename them after...

Midjourney Stylize Parameter

Midjourney has evolved at an exponential rate, with each of their AI models better than the last, the bar keeps getting raised with each iteration. As such with the evolution there are new options brought out that let you have more control over the resulting image....

How to install ComyUI Manager – Step by Step Video ComyUI is very powerful when it comes to building custom workflows to generate images, videos and all kinds of created images. In this video tutorial I show you how you can quickly and easily install ComfyUI Manager in your ComfyUI...

Midjourney Hallucination and more by MANΞKI NΞKO

I came across this innovative technique where @manekinekoAIArt (Neko) describes the process of how he came across a prompt that let's you take Midjourney on a Hallucinogenic trip to create some unique images created using simple prompt that Neko shares and using...

258 words prompt by @storybyphil

Phil Desforges is a very talented artist - a photographer, filmmaker and AI Artist and I've been following him on Twitter @storybyphil for sometime. He shared a wonderful tweet where he shares using natural language to create what some might think is an impossible...

Install ComfyUI in Under 5 mins

In this blog post we are going to look at installing ComfyUI in just a few minutes so you can have Stable Diffusion up and running. You need to download the Checkpoint/Model file separately which is not included in the installer. Checklist You have a Windows 10/11 PC...


10 Amazing Futuristic Homes with Midjourney

10 Amazing Futuristic Homes with Midjourney

If you are not familiar with my collection of artist styles in Midjourney you should check out the post that explorers thousands of artists and their styles using Midjourney. In this post I focus on 10 very famous architects who are well known for their work. So I use...

Cool Ways to use Midjourney Zoom Out feature

Cool Ways to use Midjourney Zoom Out feature

On 23rd June 2023, Midjourney team announced the release of some new updates and features, one of which is the new Zoom Out feature. Here is what they shared in the annoucment: New "Zoom Out" Feature All upscales now have 'zoom out' buttons underneath you can use to...

Adobe Photoshop Generative Fill

Adobe Photoshop Generative Fill

Photoshop Beta version 24.6 was released a few days ago and its taking over like wildfire some of the social media platforms. It is worth all the hype, I thought and decided to install this version. This version comes with the latest feature of Adobe which combines...


SDXL LoRA Training using

SDXL LoRA Training using

I wanted to train a LoRA style this time but as I had done before in my post Training my first SD LoRA, this time I was struggling to get it going. The issue was I for style training which was an aesthetics I wanted I had to have large data set 100+ images for SDXL...

Ultimate Upscaler Workflow Magnific.AI Alternative

Ultimate Upscaler Workflow Magnific.AI Alternative

Following my few videos about, many of you commented that the price was too high and wanted a free alternative to Looks like we have it and its by a @Fictions-ai (Thibaud Zamora) who released a ComfyUI Upscaler Workflow that hallucinates and...

Upscaler Comparison Midjourney vs Magnific AI

Upscaler Comparison Midjourney vs Magnific AI

Magnific.AI has quickly become one of my favourite image upscalers thats super easy to use. There are a few settings you can tweak and start upscaling your images. If you are wondering how to get started then check out my earlier post Magnific.AI Upscaler where I walk...


Install Stable Diffusion Web UI Automatic1111

Install Stable Diffusion Web UI Automatic1111

Here is a quick tutorial on how to install Stable Diffusion Web UI Automatic1111 on your Windows PC. In my case this is custom built PC for AI Art creation you can read about my build here. I also did a YouTube tutorial that will walk you through the setup and...

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Multiple Pose Lomography

A phasomelic color skin toned articulating the progression of a woman within the cloudmix, liquid metal toned face, minimalist, 3 panel vector graphics:: multiple pose lomography:: kitschy –ar 16:9

Prompt credit: @HBCoop_

Staircase to the void

staircase to the unfeeling void, starkly beautiful, stunning, cosmic horror, magic doorway, lovecraftian, hyper – realistic, unreal engine, glass, starfield, infinite patterns, universe, mist, bioluminescence, ornate, fractal patterns, intricate, centered, purple and indigo

prompt credit: @createdbyAI

Liquid Emulsion

multiple colorful mixed media, liquid emulsion, stains/washes, metallic surfaces –ar 16:9 –v 5.1

prompt credit: @phletchyirl

Trash Polka

drawing, skull, trash polka –ar 16:9 –style raw –s 750

Prompt credit: @AIFinity76

Living area in a Rustic Building

a living area inside a rustic building is shown in photos, in the style of metal compositions, bauhaus simplicity, dark black and light aquamarine, floating structures, high-angle, asymmetric balance –ar 16:9 –s 600 –v 5.2

Prompt Credit: @PhletchyIRL

Adorable Alien Fruit/Veg

An Adorable Alien Rambutan with large round eyes wearing acid-etched armor, redish skin, soft diffused cinematic lighting, wet, for games, game asset, white background –niji 5 –style expressive

prompt credit : @followmarcos

Organic Futuristic House

A fluid form sculptural almost organic futuristic house on Planet Alderaan from Star Wars Mountains and rainforest landscape, editorial photo, noon mood, featured in national geographic, close up shot, 32k, cinematic composition, professional color grading, film grain, atmosphere, wondrous, cinematic glamour shot –ar 3:2

Prompt credit: @g0rillaAI