ComfyUI is one of those interfaces that you need to get comfy with. If you are intimidated with it then you won’t like it, nor would you spend the time in learning it. Its the same case when I tried to learn Capture One Pro a photo editing software (very good for FUJIFILM cameras) when I had been comfortable using Lightroom. It took me three attempts at investing and giving up until the 3rd time I actually figured it out and started to enjoy it.

Same for anyone with ComfyUI vs Automatic1111. The benefit of ComfyUI is that you can build custom workflow for the images you want to create and process, upscale, stylize etc or you can discover and download pre-built workflows in form of PNG files (which contain the workflow) or .JSON files which is the data of the workflow.

Is it safe?

A much as I’d like to think this is safe but you need to make sure your computer does scan the file before you start to use it. Like anything from the internet when you download, most of the time its safe but sometimes it came be infected.

PNG file that are generated by ComfyUI, contain the workflow content within it as embedded text (EXIF). Similar to Automatic1111 when you read the PNG Info from an image generated about it to get the prompt, seed etc. With ComfyUI images your generated PNG not only includes the prompt, seed etc. but also the entire workflow that was used to generate the image.

Discover and Download

Browsing through my various social platforms, I came across this site that has about 2000 different ComfyUI workflows available for you to explore and download. It is quite new and seems that the creator is still developing the site but you can start using it without any limitations. It is free to use and download.

You can also search the site if you are interested in particular workflows that include a specific node. The search is not super great at the moment but the creator did say that they’d be working on improving this so by the time you are reading this I hope there are newer and more user friendly options available for searching.

If you are creating your own workflows and want to contribute to the site its quite easy and free to submit your own workflow. You don’t need to sign up. Simply click on the Upload and Share workflow button on the main page and you have three things to do to submit your own ComfyUI Workflow.

I found several interesting workflows, which often lead you to discover new Custom Nodes in ComfyUI as well as new models that you would have not otherwise explored. Of course you can switch the model with the appropriate one that you have or download the one that the workflow is using. In my case I have made many new discoveries using the workflows I have downloaded which help me grow my knowledge in using ComfyUI.

So get comfy with using ComfyUI and enjoy the shared knowledge that the community provides. I also have several ComfyUI posts on this blog which cover different topics but also share my workflows which you can download. So before you go don’t hesitate to explore the site.

As always I’d love to receive your questions or comments.

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