If you are not familiar with my collection of artist styles in Midjourney you should check out the post that explorers thousands of artists and their styles using Midjourney.

In this post I focus on 10 very famous architects who are well known for their work. So I use their name in the prompt of Midjourney to see the outcome.

The prompt I’m using is: futuristic house on distant planet, house designed by <ARCHITECT>, editorial photo, noon mood, featured in national geographic, close up shot, 32k, cinematic composition, professional color grading, film grain, atmosphere, wondrous, cinematic glamour shot –ar 3:2

Same prompt no architect

This prompt is referenced from the Prompts collection page.

Each of the architects have a distinctive style which is interpreted by Midjourney’s AI model (v5.2 was used) which when evoked by using the architect’s name in the prompt will add styling and design based on that specific architect.

Why would I do this well as part of your creative process if you are creating a futuristic scene using Midjourney (or any other AI model), by using One or more of these architects name you can start have stylised designs appear in your final image that are influences by these people.

Zaha Hadid

Known for her distinctive and futuristic designs, Hadid’s architectural works include iconic structures such as the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, and the MAXXI National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome.

House design by Zaha Hadid as reproduced by Midjourney

Santiago Calatrava

Calatrava’s designs often incorporate futuristic elements and organic shapes. His notable works include the Turning Torso in Sweden and the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain.

House design by Santiago Calatrava as reproduced by Midjourney

Bjarke Ingels

Ingels is known for his innovative and sustainable architectural designs. Some of his notable projects include the 8 House in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the VIA 57 West residential building in New York City.

House design by Bjarke Ingels as reproduced by Midjourney

Norman Foster

Foster is recognised for his sleek and futuristic designs, often incorporating sustainable features. His portfolio includes projects like the Hearst Tower in New York City and the Millau Viaduct in France.

House design by Norman Foster as reproduced by Midjourney

Jean Nouvel

Nouvel’s architectural style often involves unique forms and innovative use of materials. Notable works include the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Torre Agbar in Barcelona, Spain.

House design by Jean Nouvel as reproduced by Midjourney

Frank Gehry

Gehry’s architectural style is characterised by bold and sculptural forms. His notable works include the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

House design by Frank Gehry as reproduced by Midjourney

Rem Koolhaas

Koolhaas is known for his innovative and thought-provoking designs. His works include the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, China, and the Seattle Central Library in the United States.

House design by Rem Koolhaas as reproduced by Midjourney

Shigeru Ban

Ban is known for his sustainable and innovative designs, often incorporating unique materials. Notable projects include the Curtain Wall House in Japan and the Pompidou Metz museum in France.

House design by Shigeru Ban as reproduced by Midjourney

Buro Ole Scheeren

Scheeren’s designs often challenge traditional notions of architecture. Notable projects include The Interlace residential complex in Singapore and MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok, Thailand.

House design by Buro Ole Scheeren as reproduced by Midjourney

Sou Fujimoto

Fujimoto’s designs explore the relationship between architecture and nature, often blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. His notable works include the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London and the House NA in Tokyo, Japan.

House design by Sou Fujimoto as reproduced by Midjourney

Combine one or more architect’s name to generate unique looking images that stand out. You can use these names to influence the result in not only Midjourney but also other AI text-to-image generation programs like Stable Diffusion. Below are some such examples.

Hope you found this post useful, if you have a favourite architect that I should include in this or future posts, please leave a comment below.

Example of using Architect’s name in Stable Diffusion
Example of using Architect’s name in Stable Diffusion

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