We are finally seeing the release of some ControlNet for SDXL which are available for download thanks to Xinsir who has released three Controlnet specifically trained for SDXL models.

These are:

I suggest you rename them after downloading so you know which is which as all of them are exactly the same size 2.5GB and have the same name, so it would be tricky to identify them.

I started with Canny and was easily able to test this in ComfyUI by modifying the standard workflow quite easily. The results with Canny were very nice and with the high quality model like SDXL you can get some high quality results already.

This is using a basic workflow and without any upscaling at this stage. This is only start of the exploration with SDXL Controlnet and I’m sure many of you are going to do some really cool stuff with this.

Sample result from the source image.
Workflow preview (download via the button)
ControlNet SDXL ComfyUI Workflow (98 downloads )

The author has trained this Canny model on more than 10 Million images as stated in the readme which is commendable as this would take a lot of GPU power and time.

I know many of the people have been asking for these, if they would be released and when they would be released but its exciting to see that we have three ControlNet for SDXL and hopefully we will have more soon. I believe these are not yet available in Automatic1111 but I’m sure they will be added in the near future.

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