With the various advancements in Stable Diffusion and AI models, it isn’t a surprise that we start to see specialised models coming out fine tuned to perform specific tasks.

One such model called Halloween Diffusion has been created by @proximasan – one of the main people behind the Disco Diffusion Study covering various artist styles in AI Generated art. You can download this model for Free or pay what you feel you are happy to for having it.

This model is Halloween themed, specifically trained to allow you create cool and sometimes scary Halloween images. Even though Halloween has passed for this year it is a wonderful application of where the AI trained models can be used in a focused manner to create images.

What you get in the ZIP file when you download is:

  • CKPT file – which is the trained model checkpoint
  • PDF Instruction – a file that explains how to use it
  • Comparison sheet – Sampling method using Euler_a (steps vs CFG Scale) and LMS (steps vs CFG Scale). Prompt Order comparison

The Halloween Diffusion model is trained using term ‘halloweenv1 artstyle’ and by including this in your text prompt the model will produce halloween themed images.

CKPT file

You need to place checkpoint halloweenv1_artstyle.ckpt in the models folder of whichever Stable Diffusion Notebook or Web GUI (like Automatic1111) you are using to run Stable Diffusion. For the purpose of this post I will share how I used it in Automatic1111 which I am running on Paperspace.

My Prompt

I used the prompt and once I find a good seed I simply add the ‘halloweenv1 artstyle’ at the beginning of the prompt to get a result that would evoke the style trained.

halloweenv1 artstyle, portrait of a beautiful woman covered in tattoos, perfectly formed eyes, acid punk, ethereal, painted by artgerm, eduoard bisson, Akihiko yoshida, sakimichan, krenz cushart, hq, hyperrealistic

Here are some of the results I was able to get, side by side comparison is with the same seed value

With Halloweenv1 Artstyle – Seed: 689674712
Without Halloweenv1 Artstyle – Seed: 689674712
With Halloweenv1 Artstyle – Seed: 379178219
Without Halloweenv1 Artstyle – Seed: 379178219

You see how using the unique checkpoint with the training phrase ‘halloweenv1 artstyle’ affects the result it produces. While without the phrase you get a nice more soothing result.

Ran another prompt example for comparison: halloweenv1 artstyle, Skull oil painting by Okuda San Miguel, geometric architectures blend with organic shapes, Pop Surrealism, Essence of street forms, Geometric structures and multicolored prints, Colorful, High Detail, Symmetry, Poster

With Halloweenv1 Artstyle – Seed: 3349921487
Without Halloweenv1 Artstyle – Seed: 3349921487
With Halloweenv1 Artstyle – Seed: 2715802250
Without Halloweenv1 Artstyle – Seed: 2715802250

Here are some more examples created with other prompts.

It so much fun to creating images using this fine tuned checkpoint created by @proximasan. Some of the images I created were a bit too scary to publish on the blog as I wanted to keep it PG-13 rated here but the possibility of using standard Stable Diffusion checkpoint to create your own variations are endless. I plan to share more of these unique fine tuned models in the coming days, so make sure you are following me on socials.

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