Stable Cascade almost feels like the underdog overshadowed by the announcement of Stable Diffusion 3, however SD3 is not out yet not available as early access to anyone yet. So before we leapfrog from one release to next, let’s settle down and enjoy some capabilities of Stable Cascade.

As shared in an earlier post about it produces very nice and coherent results and is leaps and bounds ahead of Stable Diffusion XL when it comes to producing Text.

As you can see below, the text is pretty damn good!! Spelling may be a problem but its an evolution.

So here are my two workflows that will let you play around with ComfyUI and Stable Cascade. You can download them below

Stable Cascade Workflow – screenshot only
Stable Cascade with Upscaler using SDXL model and LoRA workflow – screenshot only


Stable Cascade ComfyUI Workflow (1607 downloads )

You will need to download the models and place them in the folders specified below. You have choice of downloading full models if you want or bf16 or lite version the smaller you go the lesser the quality you will get in comparison to its bigger files.

ADVICE: Always download .SAFETENSORS version of models

  • Stage a – full (73.7 MB – megabytes) – copy into the folder “ComfyUI/models/vae”
  • Stage b – full (6.25 GB) or bf16 (3.13 GB) or lite (2.8 GB) or lite bf16 (1.4 GB) – copy into the folder “ComfyUI/models/unet”
  • Stage c – full (14.4 GB) or lite (4.12 GB) or lite bf16 (2.06 GB) – copy into the folder “ComfyUI/models/unet”
  • Clip – full (1.29 GB) – copy into the folder “ComfyUI/models/clip/”

When you import the workflow you will likely get some nodes that are missing (showing in red). Use ComfyUI Manager to install the missing nodes and you should be good to go!!!

Resulting Images

Here are a bunch of images generated using this above workflow which work quite well.

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