The more I explore the more excitement the ComfyUI world brings to me. Discovering the vast variety of Custom Nodes and the ability to build and share your workflow surpasses the flexibility and versatility the ComfyUI interface bring to you. I have been curiously delving deeper into this rabbit hole.

Post Processing Custom Nodes

In this post we explore the Artistic capabilities that the ComfyUI Post Processing custom nodes by EllangoK bring to your workflow. These provide so many cool nodes that will let you take your SDXL output and produce beautiful artistic results using the effects, filters and blends it provides. You have the ability to pixelate, add film grain, colour tint, blur, sharpen, sketch, ascii art, chromatic abberrations, colour correct and many more.

You need to install these Custom Node and the best way to do this is using ComfyUI Manager which lets you search and install custom nodes with ease. Search for “post processing” and you will find these custom nodes, click on Install and when prompted, close the browser and restart ComfyUI

The workflow I share below is based upon an SDXL using base and refiner models both together to generate the image and then run it through many different custom nodes to showcase the different capabilities of the Post Processing node set provided by EllangoK.

Hopefully this inspires you to explore the possibilities by running the image through multiple post processing node to achieve a unique result you want to achieve and don’t forget to use the blend nodes to blend your results together with the original or a modified version.

Preview of the workflow


Download the workflow which is available via the link below. It contains the PNG and JSON file.

SDXL ComfyUI Post Processing (28283 downloads )

To install simply drag and drop the JSON or the PNG provided onto the ComfyUI interface in your browser.


Explore through the sample result images that were generated using this workflow in ComfyUI and you will see that its pretty powerful what you can do straight out of using ComfyUI, you don’t need to further edit these images in Photoshop or GIMP (you can of course). But these custom nodes provide a really nice way to create some really unique images.

Have a look at some the blended results again using the nodes included in this Post Processing custom nodes.

Original output from SDXL workflow
Film Grain
Chromatic Aberations
Pixel Sort
Colour Tint

Blending results from using the Blend custom node.

Blend of Original Image + KuwaharaBlur
Blend of Film Grain + Color Tone + Chromatic Abberation

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