You looking for some punk style ideas? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here in this blog post, there are many different punk styles or modifiers that can be used in Midjourney AI when creating images from text prompts. Simply use the desired style like cyberpunk or steampunk in your prompt to get Midjourney AI to create an image that contains that style.

In the gallery below you can explore some of the punk styles we have experimented with and created two types of images: one with human element and another with landscape element. The prompts used for this were:

  • portrait of <style> woman
  • painting of <style> landscape

Punk Style Gallery

Exploring the gallery is easy, click on one or more of the desired style names and the gallery will be filters. If you want to browse through the entire list simply use the “All” filter and click on the image to start browsing. If you got any other styles you think are worth exploring let us know in the comments below.


These styles have been collated from the various sources on the internet and Twitter, which then have been produced using Midjourney AI to see the result it produces in these style. Have fun and experiment by mixing up some of the styles together in your prompt, you are likely to get some cool results.

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