Inspired by the latest post about some really cool LoRAs by Araminta, I got back into training my own LoRA which I had not completed since some time.

The aesthetics of this is based on black and red tones, creating high contrast images with silhouette and reflections of the main subjects. Hence the name Rouge Noir which is french for Red Black.

I had collected my dataset long time ago and was using 50+ images in the original style training but my poor RTX4080 could not handle such size and then I explored Runpod to train my images which was good but I didn’t train this model instead another model which I trained on Octane Render token resulting in high quality 3d render images.

However seeing Araminta’s work it re-ignited my passion to train specific style in SDXL. I updated my Kohya_ss and resumed training my LoRA model. In the final training which took several attempts and lots of evaluation testing I only used 26 diverse images. The final run I used some tips shared by Araminta in this post to further refine my training settings. The result was a much cleaner trainer style Rouge Noir for SDXL.

I am also considering training this for SD 1.5 model but let’s see how you creative people like my LoRA first.

Here are a few more sample results from this trained LoRA model. You can download it here.

These sample were created using Base SDXL and other fine-tuned SDXL models that I use in my workflow.

This is personally one of my favourite LoRAs I’ve produced so far and I hope you will enjoy creating some fun images like I have. Don’t hesitate to leave your questions or comments below.

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