With the speed of progress with AI based image synthesis and generation there are no limits to what you can create with AI tools like Midjourney. Midjourney is by far the easiest and most popular tool being used these days, so in this post we will focus on using Midjourney to create some awesome logos.

In case you are new to Midjourney you should check out some of our other posts to get familiar, and . Essentially you simply provide a text prompt to the Midjourney AI and it will produce 4 images for you to review.

So this whole post is an experiment to see we can get that is usable from Midjourney, I will share the prompts in the image caption, so feel free to use these prompts for your own creations. You can also try these with other AI Image generation tools, results may vary.

Experimenting with Letters

Through my experience with Midjourney, I have seen that when it comes to adding text the AI always struggles. It is unsure on how the letters are to be arranged and how many to use, even though in the prompt you are defining the text you want. So this was an interesting experiment to see what it would produce.

flat logo design combining letter “HG”, simplistic, company logo, black and white color scheme
logo design, fancy logo of letter “G”, flat 2d, vector

The struggle is real in terms of creating a logo shape that is comprised of any combination of letters to create a logo from them.

simple logo design of letter “RS”, flat 2d, vector, company logo, low poly
logo design combining letter “H” “G”, simplistic, white background

I generated several hundred images in this way but in the end the results were quite poor. None of the images produced can be used as a logo that represents the letters directed in the prompt. Now if you have managed to get Midjourney to produce something that is usable please do share keywords that produce the desired result. In this case I concluded its a failed experiment.

Experiment with Illustrations

This should be more promising as when described correctly Midjourney can produce some compelling images so creating logo illustrations should be possible. But are they usable as logos?

simple flat owl logo, white background, vector style
xbox controller inside a circle, flat 2d logo:3, white background, vector
logo design viking head, vector, flat 2d, axes
logo design skull head, low poly, flat 2d

These start to look promising, the owl logos are definitely something you can use, you just need to any the necessary type below the image but I could see those working as a logo. The game controller also looks like a controller so it is definitely usable. Vikings also look decent enough that you can use them, at least I’d two of the above sample images of the Vikings could work as a logo.

I found that adding “low poly” creates a cool vector and 3d look and makes the logos more interesting. I got this style from an earlier post that shows you some of the styles you can use in Midjourney.

Some more samples that were created using Midjourney

simple 2d black owl head logo, orange accents, flat, sharper, white background
simple 2d black red maple leaf logo, red accents, flat, sharper, white background
round logo of snowflake in white and blue, flat 2d, line art, white background
logo icon design lion face mane, vector, flat 2d

Logos with the Beta Midjourney

At the point of writing this blog post, Midjourney had a new beta model that is invoked by adding the attributes –testp and –test in the prompt which a newer trained model. So I ran some prompts using his model to see if I’d get better results.

logo design of octopus on a shield, flat 2d, sharper, company logo –test
simple logo design of letter “RS”, flat 2d, vector, company logo, low poly –test
logo design of scorpio on a shield, low poly, sharper, company logo –test
simple 2d with letters “HG” logo:3, orange accents, flat, sharper, white background –test


The conclusion is that its a hit and miss, when trying to create text based logo the results are no good at all. It struggles to put together the letters in a creative way. However any illustrations the Midjourney model is pretty good at creating some good designs and proposals, however it is not even close where it can replace artists.

There are many arguments on the internet whether AI Generated art is going to put creatives are artists and illustrators out of business, hopefully with these examples you can demonstrate that these people are not at risk and they will have plenty of ongoing work.

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