In this post, I’m going to share some ideas and concepts that I have experimented in Midjourney. I used many different emojis to create unique and intriguing artwork, I will be sharing the prompts and some tips on how to get what you want. Let’s go!

How do I make it?

Making emoji art is very simple, when typing your prompt in Midjourney just use emojis instead! example:

quick tip: if your on windows an easy shortcut for typing emojis is the windows button + the full stop button!


Using the emojis I was able to create fairy-like girls, however not all of them came out as I’d intended. Here are some examples of the ones that were distinguishable fairies. You can use these prompts too or you can take inspiration from it!


prompt: πŸ¦‹πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ„πŸŒ±πŸ

While the fairies I created above were pretty good, however, as I stated before, my other experiments didn’t give me the similar results that I was trying to achieve. The first image was me attempting to make a rainbow fairy and the second a water fairy but the AI was getting confused so it made a girl with the emojis after that which isn’t what I wanted.



I’ve discovered a solution to this problem; when you type “/imagine” then next to the emoji you want to have a stronger effect on the artwork type “::2” put a comma after the 2 or whichever number you want (the number determines the strength of the emoji showing up when it’s done loading). Here is an example for those who are confused:

As seen above, next to the fairy emoji I put “::2” so that the strength of the fairy emoji is higher then before and the fairy will actually be there when it is produced; you can do this with any emoji you like when creating emoji artworks with Midjourney. Here is the result of what that prompt gave me:

prompt: πŸ¦‹πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ::2, 🌺🦩🦜🌴

The Power of Coffee

Using emojis, I’ve also found that the coffee emoji can do ALOT, even when it’s the only emoji you type in! It actually makes some really appealing art making whatever is produced very unique. Here is an example below of what you can do with just the coffee emoji, the second one is has a few other emojis along with the coffee one.



As I said in the paragraph talking about how to fix the fairies not working can also apply here if you want something to be stronger in the artwork, for example, you might want to make the coffee stand out more then the other emojis so you would follow that paragraph to achieve that for your art. Here is an image generated using that:

prompt:β˜•::2, 🌧✨


Now you’ve learnt and got the hang of how to make your own emoji art as well as learning how to make a certain emoji stand out more from all of the emojis, well done! I hope this article taught you something new about creating emoji artworks. Let me know if you enjoyed reading our post, please comment and share with others.

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