This tutorial is thanks to Tatiana Tsiguleva who posted the below information on her X account and I had to share this with you all as it is quite powerful when you use it. However it does exploit some of the browser functions called the DOM elements so as recommended by Tatiana you want to use a new or unused browser that you don’t use for day to day usage.

Step 1. Instal Discord History Tracker
I followed the Option 1 instruction from this website
– Installed browser plugin
– Installed Usercode
– Opened Discord in my browser
You’ll see the DHT link in the top right corner:

Step 2.
• Click the DHT link. You’ll see the action panel at the bottom.
• Open the settings and select what you want to save.
• Click “Start Tracking.”
• When tracking is finished, click “Download.”
You’ll get a .txt file. The data inside will be in JSON format.

Step 3. What you can do with data:
1. Upload the file into the Viewer…
2. Use Code Interpreter, define what a token is and ask it:
• Sort tokens by popularity
• Show tokens related to a style or color
• Sort tokens by category
• Create new prompts

DISCLAIMER: Any browser plugin can access the DOM elements of any website. This means they can inject code and read the information you type. For security, consider using a separate browser and removing everything after you finish scraping.

Thanks to Tatiana for this wonderful way of being able to download and backup your prompts. If you are on X (formerly Twitter), please go and follow here there.

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