A wonderful tutorial by a great AI Artist Rikkar, who is a computer wiz as well it seems. In this video he talks about the steps required to install and setup your local environment (Windows only) on your computer.

In this tutorial following things are covered, you can use the timestamps to jump to various sections

  • Install Anaconda on your Windows machine – 0:00
  • Clone & Setup – Stable Diffusion – 1:00
  • Run Stable Diffusion via command line – 2:45
  • Run Stable Diffusion via Jupiter Notebook – 7:20
  • Run Stable Diffusion via Google Colab – Local Session – 8:50

It is recommended that you have an NVIDIA GPU with 8GB memory however I believe in this video Rikkar is using 3090 which is a 24GB memory model.

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