Lately I have not posted much as I have delved deep into the rabbit hole of animations starting with Steerable Motion in ComfyUI which relies on Animatediff Motion LoRAs. This was a natural pivot after I spent a bit of time learning Dough which has Steerable Motion and ComfyUI behind the scenes while providing you an easy to use interface that I shared in this video below.

However the power of Steerable Motion is revealed in many forms with a generous collection of workflows available by the community. Each workflow explores new techniques and methods that are unexplored and creates some unique animations.

One of the key components of animation is using Animatediff Motion LoRA which are plugged into the different workflows to help guide the animation being generated. This post is focused on exploring the different Animatediff motion LoRAs and providing you a resource to download them yourself.

I use the below two sample images to illustrate the motion created by the different Animatediff motion LoRAs.

Warning: Some of the LoRAs are hosted on Civitai which is a great resource however it is NSFW (Not Safe for Work) ie. can contain 18+ content so please visit with care. The Motion LoRAs however work really well so no concern with their function, however their authors have chosen to host on Civitai.

Below clip showcases all the Motion LoRAs I experimented with in the single clip. Its a short clip so you can easily watch the whole thing or head over to YouTube to get the chapter links.

LiquidAF, Smoooth & WAS26

Trained by Peter O’Malley these three LoRA provide three motion LoRA for animatediff that provide this fluid and smooth motion to your animated images. You can download these models at Huggingface page.


NeonAbstractsEffects, NeonLightsMotionLora & SubtleRotateML

Neon coloured effects Motion LoRA created by VK and available at Huggingface, these motion LoRAs bring lots of neon elements moving around in the image. Subtle Rotate produces a cool rotation effect in your animate, at times look three dimensional



Like bubbles moving up to the surface of the liquid this motion LoRA result is quite a fun one to play with. The bubbles move around on the surface before popping. Its one of my favourite ones to play with. You can enhance the result by using the text ‘bubbling rings’ in the prompt.

Download (Civitai)


A cool looking motion LoRA that takes your image and creates explosive fountain like result in your animation. You can use the text ‘explosion sparks’ in the prompt to further emphasis the movement.

Download (Civitai)


A very fluid motion like when water and oil movement that you might experience when these two different liquids mix. This motion LoRA produces a very fluid effect.

Download (Civitai)


Like particles shattering and scattering in all different directions, this motion LoRA provides a lot of kinetic energy to the animation.

Download (Civitai)

smokeMotionLoras 1100Steps & 3000Steps

Very cool smoke rising from the flame, this motion LoRA comes into two trained strengths, 1100 step version is milder while 3000 steps produces more exaggerated result.

Download (Civitai)


Making elements of your spin and zooming effect is generated by this motion LoRA. In some cases it appears to be a 3D rotation based on the scene composed.

Download (Civitai)

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