@S4f3tyMarc released most of his presets a few week ago that are being using in Deforum.Studio site. It has been some time that I had been longing for such kind of presets to better understand the inner workings of Deforum (extension for Automatic1111). I had a love and hate relationship until now because the damn equations were hard to get you head around in terms of camera movement.

As if my prayers had been answered and on 18th April S4f3tyMarc released these presets in the Git Repo.

The release published his Motion Presets that animate the camera movements and the mask videos that are used with them to generate the final output.

Now me my RTX4080 were very happy that we could run these animations locally instead of having to get credits on Deforum.Studieo. I mean after awhile this whole AI Art space becomes quite expensive to live in with the various subscriptions you end up paying.

As I played with these presets I found that they needed some TLC as the output directories and names were left as it by the author in their rudimentary state. So I polished them up and put them all together in an easy to download package.

Deforum Studio Presets by S4f3tyMarc (306 downloads )

If you found these useful make sure you thank S4f3tyMarc and support by buying a coffee.

Once you have downloaded the above zip file you can extract it in your desired folder. The zip file contains the motion presets which are in TXT format and Hybrid Video masks that are MP4 files.

To use these presets simply load the TXT file in the Deforum Extension as shown below. Enter the full path of the file and click on “Load All Settings

After this you can edit the prompts as needed. It is recommended you don’t tweak any other settings if you are not sure what you are doing.

Some presets will use a Video Init for guiding the movements and frame generation so be sure to check the Init > Video Init > Video init path/URL setting in the preset. If you see something that looks like /Your/File/Path/Here/<filename>.mp4 then make sure you update the path so the MP4 file can be accessed. Otherwise that preset will not run.

With all this in place you can start to run locally the same presets that are available on the Deforum.Studio site.

Here is the full list of the presets include (96 in total):

  • Classic-30s
  • Classic-3D-Motion-2-30s
  • Classic-3D-Motion-2
  • Classic-3D-Motion-3-30s
  • Classic-3D-Motion-3
  • Classic-3D-Motion-30s
  • Classic-3D-Motion-4-30s
  • Classic-3D-Motion-4
  • Classic-3D-Motion
  • Classic-Stop-Motion-2-30s
  • Classic-Stop-Motion-2
  • Classic-Stop-Motion-30s
  • Classic-Stop-Motion
  • Classic-Zoom-In-30s
  • Classic-Zoom-In
  • Classic-Zoom-Out-30s
  • Classic-Zoom-Out
  • Classic
  • Dolly-Zoom-Out-30s
  • Dolly-Zoom-Out
  • Elastic-Vision-30s
  • Elastic-Vision
  • Evolve-Fast-30s
  • Evolve-Fast
  • Evolve-Glitch-2-30s
  • Evolve-Glitch-2
  • Evolve-Glitch-30s
  • Evolve-Glitch
  • Evolve-Pulse-2-30s
  • Evolve-Pulse-2
  • Evolve-Pulse-30s
  • Evolve-Pulse-Glitch-30s
  • Evolve-Pulse-Glitch
  • Evolve-Pulse
  • Evolve-Slow-2-30s
  • Evolve-Slow-2
  • Evolve-Slow-30s
  • Evolve-Slow
  • Evolve-Zoom-Slow-30s
  • Evolve-Zoom-Slow
  • Flashbacks-30s
  • Flashbacks
  • Fly-Through-2-30s
  • Fly-Through-2
  • Fly-Through-30s
  • Fly-Through-Spin-30s
  • Fly-Through-Spin
  • Fly-Through
  • Grids-30s
  • Grids
  • Look-Around-30s
  • Look-Around
  • Move-Around-30s
  • Move-Around
  • Move-Down-30s
  • Move-Down
  • Move-Float-30s
  • Move-Float
  • Move-In-out-30s
  • Move-In-out
  • Move-Left-30s
  • Move-Left
  • Move-Right-30s
  • Move-Right
  • Move-Up-30s
  • Move-Up
  • Move-Warp-2-30s
  • Move-Warp-2
  • Move-Warp-30s
  • Move-Warp
  • Quick-Change-30s
  • Quick-Change
  • Revolve-30s
  • Revolve
  • Scene-Change-2-30s
  • Scene-Change-2
  • Scene-Change-30s
  • Scene-Change
  • Shapes-Circles-30s
  • Shapes-Circles
  • Shapes-Hexagons-30s
  • Shapes-Hexagons
  • Shapes-Kaleidoscope-30s
  • Shapes-Kaleidoscope
  • Shapes-Squares-30s
  • Shapes-Squares
  • Shapes-Stars-30s
  • Shapes-Stars
  • Spacewalk-30s
  • Spacewalk
  • Transitions
  • Zoom-In-Out-30s
  • Zoom-In-Out
  • Zoom-To-New-30s
  • Zoom-To-New

Here are some video clips that used these presets to produce the final result.

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