I came across this video in my daily feeds when scrolling through and the author (videojongleur) shared the tools how this video was created. Amongst a combination of things the potential of Stable Video Diffusion (SVD) is showcased here.

Teamed with a creative mind, concept and right execution you can create something really cool with little effort. The result is truly wonderful.

This cyberpunk video titled “Night Pulse: A Cyberpunk Cityscape” is based on a poem that the author claims was created with GPT-4, including the prompts.

Stable Video – Night Pulse: A Cyberpunk Cityscape
byu/Videojongleur inStableDiffusion

Videojongleur explains that the tools used were as below:

  • Concept, image prompts, poem: ChatGPT (GPT-4)
  • Image generation: Stable Diffusion XL(JuggernautXL model)
  • Video generation: Stable Video Diffusion
  • Upscale and interpolation: Waifu2x GUI
  • Voiceover: Elevenlabs
  • Animated text: After Effects
  • Video Editing and Sound Design: Premiere Pro

So far this is the best work I have come across online demonstrating the wonderful application of Stable Video Diffusion.

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