Images using text based description is a well known way to create images using Midjourney AI, however did you know that emojis can be used as the prompt itself to create beautiful images. Earlier in my venture into AI Image generation you could combine or use emojis with Disco Diffusion and I did have a lot of fun creating tons of images that I called Creature Homes

However since then AI Image generation has come a long way and although Midjourney did not support this in its early release now it does. In this post I will show you how you can create and combine emojis to create cool and creative images.

It’s a great alternative to writing prompts, just through some carefully selected emojis and see what Midjourney AI creates.

Micro Worlds (🔬🌱🐛)

🔬🌱🐛 – Microscope, seedling and bug submitting to Midjourney produces some cool macro close up worlds like the addition of the tiny turtles.


Macro shot of a beetle with mushroom produced the beautiful image that is exactly what I was hoping for.

Skull Mountain (💀🗻)

Fascinated by some childhood comics of the Phantom I wanted to see what I’d get with the emoji of Skull and Mountain. These bring back some old memories from the comic books.

Alien (👽🛸🏜)

Aliens, flying saucers and desert is a perfect recipe for alien abduction and UFO landings. Mixing these up with a few variations and start getting some really awesome results.

Tropical Islands (🏝🌺🌴)

Using the island, hibiscus flower and palm tree to create some beach tropical vibes.

Island Homes (🏝🏠)

Island combined with the house emoji gives us some cool beach side homes.

Creating a slight variation with camping beach emoji with island (⛺️🏖🏝) also produced some lovely landscapes but we see more emphasis on camper vans.

Rockets Planets (🚀🔮🪐)

Rockets with crystal ball and planets will evoke some interesting images, Midjourney brings some astronauts into the scene. After all you can’t have a rocket without an astronaut flying it, so the results are pretty cool images.

I had a lot of fun creating these images and experimenting with emojis in Midjourney. I hope this inspires you to have a go can create some emoji inspired art. Can you guess the emoji prompt for below images?

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