If you are new or even have been using ComfyUI you might have seen or wondered how to manage or make the noodles (technically called links) in our workflow appear neater. OCD part of your break might like to nicely organise the workflow of ComfyUI so it looks neat and clean and well balanced.

Well until you know you don’t know, so let’s see how to manage those noodles (aka links) in your ComfyUI interface.

First thing you need to do is go to your settings via ⚙️icon (assuming ComfyUI is up and running) .

Next scroll down the list of options (you may have many if you have custom nodes installed) and find the setting called “Link Render Mode”.

By default this would be set to Spline, but you can change it to Straight, Linear or Hidden.

Spline (default)

Default setting is Spline which is the Bezier curve lines which bend as you move the Nodes around.


Makes nice straight lines with bends at right angles which some people like and hence does not appear to become a spaghetti when you have large workflows.


Straight out draws linear (straight) lines from one point to another with a little angled end point.


This can be interesting if you want to make it hard for the viewer to decipher your workflow by using hidden, he lines are hidden but you can still drag a point to join to another, when links are connected the colours appear on the joined points, otherwise they remain grey.

I hope you found this tip useful and found the answer you were looking to answer.

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