Thanks to the rejuvenated excitement and interest in LoRAs again, as I was testing these Artistic LoRA by Araminta I ended up building a workflow in ComfyUI that let’s me test image generation with and without LoRA.

I added a comparison node that let’s you easily see the difference by overlaying the two images on top of one another. I found this workflow to be quite useful that I decided to share the ComfyUI Workflow

Workflow preview (download below)
LoRA Test Compare Workflow (178 downloads )

The workflow locks the Seed down using Global Seed custom node and also includes HiRes script node with Custom Ksampler so if you don’t have these custom nodes you will need to install them using ComfyUI Manager. I have a very quick 2-min tutorial below on how to do this.

Tutorial on Installing ComfyUI Manager and Custom Missing Nodes

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