The accelaration in the AI Art space has been incredible over the last few months. First it was Dall-e that created a huge stir in this space to a point where even there was fair bit of media coverage about it. Then came Stable Diffusion which promised an open source model that will go head to head with Dall-e and in some regards its next level up.

It would only be envitable that eventually this Stable Diffusion model will come into other software, this is where Alpaca come in and are working on releasing a Plug-in that can run inside Adobe Photoshop allowing you to create elaborate scenes and illustrations by combining the power of Photoshop and Stable Diffusion. We came across this screen recording of a demo that was share on Reddit.

Screenshot of Alpaca plug-in for Photoshop using Stable Diffusion

It is truly amazing what you will be able to do very soon with simple text prompts and just your imagination. My daughter at times writes wonderful stories, imagine being able to create images that can illustrate the story and you can convert her story into a storybook complete with visual illustrations. That would be amazing.

My research leads me to believe that will be a service provided for a fee (no info on subscription) that will allow you to create images and build your artwork in Photoshop leveraging Stable Diffusion. This means that you will have access to fast GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) not CPU and therefore the images would be created in a few seconds. Kind of like Midjourney where you pay a fee to use their service and have access to the technology. This is great because last thing a creative mind needs to technology and coding to get in the way of your creative vision.

Can’t wait to see where we are in the next 6 months.

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