A wonderful idea by @GanWeaving of taking images from Midjourney to create these cool animated GIF images that you can just watch for hours. I saw this post and was immediately inspired to try this with my own creations.

The Process

The process is quite easy once you have created the image you like in midjourney you Upscale the same image multiple times. In the above example GanWeaving states that the same image was upscaled 18x times. Because the Midjourney model is diffusion based it diffuses the initial image generated and creates a higher resolution version of the same image. This process introduces some artefacts in the upscaled image.

Once you have all the images you can create an animated GIF or video using these images and you will end up with this wonderful animated result.

Series of 8 Upscaled images

You can create animated GIF using Photoshop by following this tutorial or use some online tools like Giphy, Canva or Ezgif

In my case I followed the Photoshop method to create the following GIF images. This is by far my favourite animated GIF image I have created so far.

A Boy at the entrance of a Portal

Used only 4 images to create the below image, again the process is the same – once you have the image you like in Midjourney simply Upscale the image multiple times.

My Mechawarrior

For the next few I used the Ezgif online tool to create the final image, I listed in the caption how many images were used in the series.

Whimsical Tree (8 images used to create)

Hope you like this mesmerising results this techniques create and you will use this method to create your own image. If you do share them online don’t hesitate to tag me.

The Eye (8 images used to create)

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