Stable Diffusion is the new AI Text-to-Image creation model available through Discord, as I introduced this in an earlier post. It as well is aware of many artist styles as the model has been trained on them by Stability.AI team.

WeirdWonderfulAI.Art is in no shape of way affiliated or associated with Stable Diffusion and its creators. We are merely using the platform provided as part of beta testing program.

In Stable Diffusion we ran the following prompt and replaced the artist name to evoke the style of that artist. In some cases, the style is well recognisable however in other cases its not as recognisable. This article is a micro Artist Study which focuses on testing Stable Diffusion to understand if it recognises the defined artist.

PROMPT: “a beautiful painting of a building in a serene landscape by <artist name>, trending on artstation”

You can find a full extensive study done by the same AI Artists who helped put together the Disco Diffusion Artist Studies is available on Notion website

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