This blog post is a collection of artist studies done using Disco Diffusion put together (sourced from Twitter) in one place to help you understand what kind of result you would get using a specific artists name.

If you are interested in checking out Disco Diffusion, then check out our earlier post on getting started with Disco Diffusion

Lots of beautiful images patient!


This list keeps growing, what started off as a great idea by the creators and contributors received lot of praise on social media so this list is updated regularly. Make sure you bookmark and share with fellow AI Artists.

Currently stands at 662 artists


This study was done by several AI artists on Twitter. It was started by @proximasan and @sureailabs and contributed by @EErratica and @KyrickYoung. So if you are into AI Art – which I assume you are which is why you are reading this make sure you follow them on Twitter where they share their wonderful artworks.

Each of the images contains the creator name in the caption as its credit to them that this post is possible.

This post is based on the artists listed in this database created and maintained by the above contributors and can be viewed here. I only include artists that are Represented: Yes or Unsure and are artists not styles. If you are after styles then check out my other two posts: Anything punk and Disco Diffusion Modifiers (styles)


For this study the contributors used two main prompts for the AI to generate a series of comparable images:

  • a beautiful painting of a waterlily pond by <artist name>, Trending on artstation.
  • a beautiful painting of a building in a serene landscape by <artist name>, Trending on artstation.

The prompt shows some wonderful results based on the artists style known to the model.


20th March 2022 – re-created the post, using some automation so I can speed up the adding of the artists.

6th April 2022 – added new sets of artists to the post.

20th April 2022 – added 98 new artists to the post

31st May 2022 – added 102 new artists to the post

14th July 2022 – New Gallery Mode available – new capabilities: search and filter multiple artists. Over the next few weeks all artist studies will be transitioned into the gallery mode.

You can now search for the artist in the image gallery below or explore in a gallery browser by clicking on the image. All images will move into this gallery to make this page load faster and finding artists easier.

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