AI Art is grown so fast in the last 12 months, that unless you have been in the game since the start you have a lot to catch up on. Fortunately there are several resources that provide a great opportunity to discover and learn on how to construct your prompt.

The basic construct of a prompt is: your main subject or theme, apply modifiers (see modifier). You can also provide a negative prompt; highlighting things that you don’t specifically want to see in your prompt.

Lexica Art

Lexica Art is a Stable Diffusion search engine, originally created for Stable Diffusion but now also support Lexica Aperture which is their own AI Art generation tool. You can search by keywords and find 1000s of examples of images and their prompts which is a great way to understand and study prompt construction, with the added benefit of being able to see the resulting images.

Lexica Art search engine

Midjourney Community

Midjourney AI image creations have always been Public unless you paid additional fee to have Private (now called Stealth) mode in which case your generated image is “private” and so is your prompt. So it is not visible in Community page, however there are Millions of users using this platform and majority have their images in Public.

However in order to access Midjourney Community you need to join their discord and you can do that for free. Once joined you can access the Community page and browse through millions of images and prompts. You can also use keywords to search their database for a particular themed image or style.

Midjourney Community Feed

CLIP Interrogator 2

An interface that uses CLIP to reverse engineer an Image to prompt. You can take an image you like AI Generated or Photograph and simply upload it to this interface. It will process the image and provide a prompt that describes what it sees. It is another great way to discover new constructs to your prompt. I wrote another blog post about it that describes version one of this tool, you can see it here.


KREA has a large library of images with prompts, it has an easy to use interface and you can create an account to save and file your favourite images and prompts in your collections. search engine

Hope you found this post useful, I will continue to build and update this post as I discover new tools that are a great resource for learning prompts. If you have discovered any other tools please make sure you comment so I can update the post which will help the community.

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