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A Post Modern Hotel

A realistic image depicting of a post-modern hotel with architectural flair of bold and round structure embedded inside an enchanted forest, where pathways and moss covers parts of the dark-grey washed carbon fibre look that the hotel seems to be made from. a...

Free App – Stable Diffusion Prompt Reader

Running Stable Diffusion web interfaces on my computer, I'd been wondering if there is a better way to have a script that can read the TXT information embedded in the PNG generated by different interfaces like ComfyUI, Automatic1111 and InvokeAi etc. I use mostly...

Getting started with PhotoMaker – Stacked ID Embedding

PhotoMaker is one of the new AI tools that many people say is going to replace LoRA training and IPAdapter when it comes to re-creating a face consistently. It does not require any training like a LoRA and can re-generate the reference face with ease, so they say!! In...

10 RunwayML Multi Motion brush examples

2024 is accelerating the movement of video tools that can animate and create motion in still images using AI. RunwayML has releases some new motion brushes, yes "es". There are multiple motion brush - 5 to be precise that you can use to select different objects in...

Custom SDXL LoRA – Newspaper Collage

Inspired by some collage images I saw on Midjourney which emulates newspaper clippings which are glued to form shapes or characters, i was inspired to create a SDXL LoRA (Low Rank Adaptation) style that would emulate this to some degree. As I have documented by...

Where’s Waldo Illustration by Framer

I came across this very talented artist @0xFramer who has made some really amazing illustrations and animations I have reviewed the artist's X feed. Framer created their own version of Where's Waldo style illustrations and then has shared their process on how it was...

Softly Lit Headshot

Softly lit headshot of a young woman in everyday clothes against a white background, exuding warmth and understated elegance Prompt credit: @ralphlentjes - Created using:

How I re-created a T-Shirt design with Midjourney

On a recent trip to Queenstown, New Zealand I came across this cool T-shirt at one of the downtown stores of Global Culture and took a photo of the T-shirt design. I realise now as I write this the image was also available on their website. I ran the image through...

A Distressed Illustration

A distressed illustration with chipped paint, obvious brush edges, artefacts, a defiant Ronin, surrounded by shadows of Samurai, azurite and copper colors, tenebrism, sgraffito, parchment :: sword ::-0.2 Prompt credit: @theartofweb - Created using: Midjourney v6...



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