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Easiest Way to Train your Own Motion LoRA for AnimateDiff

Okay so I though this process would be hard and it is and was but its actually very easy!! First let's talk about the Bad Training AnimateDiff Motion LoRAs when I researched was linked to this repository which is called AnimateDiff-MotionDirector. The repo is about a...

Beautiful Artistic LoRAs by Araminta

Discovered this wonderful Parisian artist by the name Araminta K who has been exploring the latent space and embracing the possibilities. Araminta has trained several LoRAs that have been released on Huggingface page Download the LoRA individually to run locally on...

ControlNet for SDXL are here finally

We are finally seeing the release of some ControlNet for SDXL which are available for download thanks to Xinsir who has released three Controlnet specifically trained for SDXL models. These are: Canny - my favourite Openpose Scribble I suggest you rename them after...

Infinite Zoom Loop in ComfyUI

A very easy to use ComfyUI workflow that generates some promising looking animated results using a Custom Node called ComfyUI Fill-Nodes. Installing it using ComfyUI Manager is the easiest way, if you are not familiar with ComfyUI Manager please checkout this video...

Animatediff Motion LoRA Collection

Lately I have not posted much as I have delved deep into the rabbit hole of animations starting with Steerable Motion in ComfyUI which relies on Animatediff Motion LoRAs. This was a natural pivot after I spent a bit of time learning Dough which has Steerable Motion...

Deforum Studio Motion Preset and Videos

@S4f3tyMarc released most of his presets a few week ago that are being using in Deforum.Studio site. It has been some time that I had been longing for such kind of presets to better understand the inner workings of Deforum (extension for Automatic1111). I had a love... to Mega Cloud Sync has been my main go to for the last few weeks as I have been travelling overseas so not using my local GPU at home. Of course when you generate images using Cloud GPU like the ones provided by, you want to make sure your AI Image generations are saved...

Stable Diffusion 3 in ComfyUI

Stable Diffusion 3 (SD3) is close to being release I can sense as Stability.AI have just release its APIs that you can access. These are free APIs but you need credits to generate images. You can access SD3 and SD3 Turbo models and they use 6.5 and 4 credits...

Top 5 RunPod Templates for AI Image Generation

3 weeks away from my desktop has forced me to explore environment more and more. This lead to getting comfortable and testing the various builds of the Templates that are available in So here I will share my opinion on my Top 5 Runpod Templates...



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