Getting started with PhotoMaker – Stacked ID Embedding

Getting started with PhotoMaker – Stacked ID Embedding

PhotoMaker is one of the new AI tools that many people say is going to replace LoRA training and IPAdapter when it comes to re-creating a face consistently. It does not require any training like a LoRA and can re-generate the reference face with ease, so they say!! In...

SD Automatic1111 WebUI Customisation Tips

In this post I have shared with you some of the discoveries that I've made that has made my workflow easier when using running Stable Diffusion using Automatic1111 WebUI. One of the observations and a big one is that when you are starting up you will find that as you...

Stable Diffusion – New Kid in AI Art Creation

Stable Diffusion is the new kid on the block and has adopted the Discord bot style approach of Midjourney to create AI generated images. Stable Diffusion is created by Stability.AI in order to disrupt and compete with Dall-e models. The licensing of Stable Diffusion...

Generative AI for Krita

Oddly enough seeing a lot of live LCM popping up everywhere especially Krea.Ai which has implemented it already got me further curious and I somehow discovered Krita as a result. Krita is an standalone open source image editing software, so its free and feature rich...

SDXL Guide to Camera Framing and Angle

In this post I would like to share some of the keywords that I have used and found influence the composition which comprises of the Camera Position (distance of camera from subject) and the Camera Angle (where the camera is place relative to the subject). Although...

5 Artist – 5 Prompts – 5 Versions of Midjourney

Midjourney has just released a new version of their AI Generation Model just last week and prior to its release I shared a preview of upcoming Midjourney v5 earlier in the blog. So I asked a few fellow AI artists to share their prompt and We invite 5 artists to...


Famous Logo Processed with ControlNet

Famous Logo Processed with ControlNet

ControlNet is the latest neural network structure that allows you to control diffusion models by adding extra conditions, a game changer for AI Image generation. It brings unprecedented levels of control to Stable Diffusion. So naturally this is the latest buzz going...

Create Images from Emoji using Midjourney AI

Create Images from Emoji using Midjourney AI

Images using text based description is a well known way to create images using Midjourney AI, however did you know that emojis can be used as the prompt itself to create beautiful images. Earlier in my venture into AI Image generation you could combine or use emojis...

Create Fashion Portraits in Midjourney AI – by LinusEkenstam

Create Fashion Portraits in Midjourney AI – by LinusEkenstam

Fashion portraits in Midjourney AI are a great fun way to experiment and create unique images that have never been seen before. Linus (@LinusEkenstam) shows us how in this complete guide on how to create such interesting and intriguing images. I have been following...


Installing ControlNet in Automatic1111

Installing ControlNet in Automatic1111

I've been experimenting more with my local PC with Stable Diffusion and enjoying the control I have over my images and generations. I wanted to make sure that I document the steps and share resources I have found when installing ControlNet on my local instance of...

Create Multiple Prompts in Midjourney – Permutations

Create Multiple Prompts in Midjourney – Permutations

One of the other most recent features released by Midjourney team has been the ability to create multiple variations of a prompt without having to type each prompt manually. The other feature is /describe which I covered in an earlier post. This is something that...

Get the Prompt of any Image with Midjourney

Get the Prompt of any Image with Midjourney

With Easter upon us, the engineers at Midjourney have been delivering some amazing Easter eggs for us to enjoy over these holidays. There are two BIG features that are /describe and permutations that are next level in AI text to image creation game. In this post we...


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Stunning Cyberpunk Female

Majestically cinematic close up professional photo quality shot of a futuristic neon lit style cyberpunk street, very futuristic with LED’s and advance tech. A stunning cyberpunk female poses holding a gun outside in the cyberpunk city, extremely detailed magazine quality photograph, cinematic lighting, 8k sharp focus. expert precision including intricate examples of undeniably amazing image quality and detailed design, stunning unique with intricate details, amazing background detail –ar 3:2 –s 1000

Prompt credit: @orctonAI

Alien Worlds

Surreal [fluffy] alien world, endless [fluffiness], [giant alien dinosaurs], Photograph –ar 3:2

prompt credit: @Cakedroid

Fruit and Veg

A {fruit or vegetable}, pastel {color} background –ar 16:9 –style raw

prompt credit: @kalsonkalu

Organic Futuristic House

A fluid form sculptural almost organic futuristic house on Planet Alderaan from Star Wars Mountains and rainforest landscape, editorial photo, noon mood, featured in national geographic, close up shot, 32k, cinematic composition, professional color grading, film grain, atmosphere, wondrous, cinematic glamour shot –ar 3:2

Prompt credit: @g0rillaAI

Portal in the mountains

large metal object in the mountain, in the style of matte painting, atmospheric portraits, dark gray, transavanguardia, panel composition mastery, 32k uhd –ar 4:5 –s 1000

Prompt credit: @PhletchyIRL

Living area in a Rustic Building

a living area inside a rustic building is shown in photos, in the style of metal compositions, bauhaus simplicity, dark black and light aquamarine, floating structures, high-angle, asymmetric balance –ar 16:9 –s 600 –v 5.2

Prompt Credit: @PhletchyIRL

Liquid Emulsion

multiple colorful mixed media, liquid emulsion, stains/washes, metallic surfaces –ar 16:9 –v 5.1

prompt credit: @phletchyirl