Stable Cascade Workflow with Upscaler

Stable Cascade Workflow with Upscaler

Stable Cascade almost feels like the underdog overshadowed by the announcement of Stable Diffusion 3, however SD3 is not out yet not available as early access to anyone yet. So before we leapfrog from one release to next, let's settle down and enjoy some capabilities...

Artist Study in Midjourney v5.2

Following the Artist study done using SDXL 1.0, I explored the entire list of artists using Midjourney v5.2 with its default settings. I used a lot of FAST GPU hours to produce this while combining the permutations technique where one prompt can result in up to 20x...

Custom SDXL LoRA – Newspaper Collage

Inspired by some collage images I saw on Midjourney which emulates newspaper clippings which are glued to form shapes or characters, i was inspired to create a SDXL LoRA (Low Rank Adaptation) style that would emulate this to some degree. As I have documented by...

Upscaler Comparison Midjourney vs Magnific AI

Magnific.AI has quickly become one of my favourite image upscalers thats super easy to use. There are a few settings you can tweak and start upscaling your images. If you are wondering how to get started then check out my earlier post Magnific.AI Upscaler where I walk...

How to install ComyUI Manager – Step by Step Video ComyUI is very powerful when it comes to building custom workflows to generate images, videos and all kinds of created images. In this video tutorial I show you how you can quickly and easily install ComfyUI Manager in your ComfyUI...

SD Automatic1111 WebUI Customisation Tips

In this post I have shared with you some of the discoveries that I've made that has made my workflow easier when using running Stable Diffusion using Automatic1111 WebUI. One of the observations and a big one is that when you are starting up you will find that as you...


258 words prompt by @storybyphil

258 words prompt by @storybyphil

Phil Desforges is a very talented artist - a photographer, filmmaker and AI Artist and I've been following him on Twitter @storybyphil for sometime. He shared a wonderful tweet where he shares using natural language to create what some might think is an impossible...

Building a Custom AI Art Generation PC

Building a Custom AI Art Generation PC

Text-to-Image AI based models are all the hype at the moment. With many commercial organisations dabbling into this space like Bing, Adobe, Google etc. You also have dedicated services provided by sites like Midjourney (the leader in my view),, DreamStudio...

Using ChatGPT to create prompts for AI Art

Using ChatGPT to create prompts for AI Art

There are so many great resources available on the internet about creating prompts, some even try to sell you their prompts - don't fall into that trap. You don't need to buy prompts when there is so much freely available information out there. I saw this amazing...


Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) Artist Study

SDXL came out for public use last week and I spent most of the time testing and playing around with this new model locally. I then stress tested by GPU by running close to 4000 prompts back to back generating images that will try to emulate the Artist styles that SDXL...

Installing SDXL 1.0 on Local Computer

Installing SDXL 1.0 on Local Computer

SDXL 1.0 (Stable Diffusion XL) has been released earlier this week which means you can run the model on your own computer and generate images using your own GPU. I wanted to document the steps required to run your own model and share some tips to ensure that you are...

Prompt Editing in Stable Diffusion Automatic1111

Prompt Editing in Stable Diffusion Automatic1111

Discovered this technique very recently so I wanted to share with you all how Prompt Editing works in Stable Diffusion Automatic1111. It is quite a powerful way to provide prompts to the Stable Diffusion model. Prompt Editing allows you to start your prompt and while...


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Liquid Emulsion

multiple colorful mixed media, liquid emulsion, stains/washes, metallic surfaces –ar 16:9 –v 5.1

prompt credit: @phletchyirl

Radar Dish

Two large radar dishes on top of control buildings on a snowy hilltop

Prompt credit: @airmindedAI

Light Trails on a Highway

a highway that has large lights on it, an office building, in the style of carl zeiss distagon t* 15mm f/2.8 ze, hiroshi nagai, high speed sync, urban environment, 32k uhd, graflex speed graphic, nikon fm2 –ar 3:2 –s 250 –v 5.1 –style raw

Prompt Credit: @jamesyeung18

I’ve modified it slightly.

Expired Polaroid Film

expired polaroid film portrait of [subject], camera flash highlighting [subject], motion blur, night, out of focus and blurry, ISO 100, [color grading]

Prompt credit: @hugovntr

National Geographic Photo

[LOCATION] shot with Nikon D850 and Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens, natural light, style of National Geographic

prompt credit: @chaseleantj

Sci-fi Space Astronauts

Astronauts in futuristic spacecraft, surrounded by white and black masks in a conceptual installation. Dark, emotional scene reminiscent of Michelangelo’s style. UHD image

Prompt credit: @ciguleva

Stunning Cyberpunk Female

Majestically cinematic close up professional photo quality shot of a futuristic neon lit style cyberpunk street, very futuristic with LED’s and advance tech. A stunning cyberpunk female poses holding a gun outside in the cyberpunk city, extremely detailed magazine quality photograph, cinematic lighting, 8k sharp focus. expert precision including intricate examples of undeniably amazing image quality and detailed design, stunning unique with intricate details, amazing background detail –ar 3:2 –s 1000

Prompt credit: @orctonAI