Where’s Waldo Illustration by Framer

Where’s Waldo Illustration by Framer

I came across this very talented artist @0xFramer who has made some really amazing illustrations and animations I have reviewed the artist's X feed. Framer created their own version of Where's Waldo style illustrations and then has shared their process on how it was...

Training my first SD LoRA

Inspired by a post by @rainisto where he shared how he created an AI character (women) using Midjourney and then trained a Stable Diffusion (SD) v1.5 Low Rank Adaptation (LoRA) so that you can create consistent character of the women in different settings. This...

Animated GIF from Images Generated with Midjourney

A wonderful idea by @GanWeaving of taking images from Midjourney to create these cool animated GIF images that you can just watch for hours. I saw this post and was immediately inspired to try this with my own creations....

Install Stable Diffusion Web UI Automatic1111

Here is a quick tutorial on how to install Stable Diffusion Web UI Automatic1111 on your Windows PC. In my case this is custom built PC for AI Art creation you can read about my build here. I also did a YouTube tutorial that will walk you through the setup and...

Midjourney – Private/Stealth Mode

In this blog post I want to share how to use Private Mode in Midjourney. As I stated in my earlier blog post about Midjourney, you essentially work in a shared space (ie channels) which means your prompt is visible to others working in the same channel. However as a...

Ready to Go Stable Diffusion in JarvisLabs.ai

Stable Diffusion is by far the most popular text-to-image creation model following Disco Diffusion which had been leading the charge until then. The AI space has made incredible leap in the last 10 months since I got started with it, the growth has been exponential...


Logo Design with Midjourney – AI Create Logo

Logo Design with Midjourney – AI Create Logo

With the speed of progress with AI based image synthesis and generation there are no limits to what you can create with AI tools like Midjourney. Midjourney is by far the easiest and most popular tool being used these days, so in this post we will focus on using...

Stable Diffusion – Integrating into Photoshop with getalpaca.io

Stable Diffusion – Integrating into Photoshop with getalpaca.io

The accelaration in the AI Art space has been incredible over the last few months. First it was Dall-e that created a huge stir in this space to a point where even there was fair bit of media coverage about it. Then came Stable Diffusion which promised an open source...

Stable Diffusion – New Kid in AI Art Creation

Stable Diffusion – New Kid in AI Art Creation

Stable Diffusion is the new kid on the block and has adopted the Discord bot style approach of Midjourney to create AI generated images. Stable Diffusion is created by Stability.AI in order to disrupt and compete with Dall-e models. The licensing of Stable Diffusion...


Artist Styles on Midjourney v4

Artist Styles on Midjourney v4

A collection of images from Midjourney that demonstrate the recognised artist styles and their results on Midjourney (v4 model). These should help decide the style to invoke when prompting the AI to create your desired images. Note: these images below are not created...

Stable Diffusion 2.0 – Quick Start

Stable Diffusion 2.0 – Quick Start

Stable Diffusion 2.0 is the newest release from Stability.AI and has been out for couple of weeks. This latest version is out there so I put this post together to help you find related information about it in one place to get started quickly. Important Links Here are...

How to Quickly Upload Model CKPT to Paperspace

How to Quickly Upload Model CKPT to Paperspace

Paperspace is a great alternative to Google Colab and I have switched over to this completely while cancelling my Colab subscription. However you might feel disadvantaged because you loose the Google Drive integration which was possible via Colab Notebooks and is not...


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Anime Woman

an anime woman is standing in front of a building, in the style of boldly black and white, grainy, biopunk, bulbous, blink-and-you-miss-it detail, grid-based, hard-edge –ar 3:2 –style raw

Prompt credit: @josepho

Man with Gas Mask

a man with a gas mask in apocalyptic world with the buildings destroyed, toxic atmosphere, wide Angle, Atompunk style, hyper-realistic, cinematic lighting, chiaroscuro, hyper-detailed –ar 16:9 –v 5.1 –style raw

prompt credit: @mayorkingai

Lady in Fashion Steampunk

A full-length digital art rendering of a sophisticated lady in a fashion steampunk attire | Posing elegantly against a backdrop of a Victorian-era clock tower, bathed in the soft glow of sunset | Adorned with gears, brass elements, and antique leather details | Apply a muted color palette with sepia undertones to create a sense of historical intrigue and class –style raw –ar 3:2

Prompt credit: @techhalla

Softly Lit Headshot

Softly lit headshot of a young woman in everyday clothes against a white background, exuding warmth and understated elegance

Prompt credit: @ralphlentjes – Created using: Leonardo.ai

Organic Futuristic House

A fluid form sculptural almost organic futuristic house on Planet Alderaan from Star Wars Mountains and rainforest landscape, editorial photo, noon mood, featured in national geographic, close up shot, 32k, cinematic composition, professional color grading, film grain, atmosphere, wondrous, cinematic glamour shot –ar 3:2

Prompt credit: @g0rillaAI

Portal in the mountains

large metal object in the mountain, in the style of matte painting, atmospheric portraits, dark gray, transavanguardia, panel composition mastery, 32k uhd –ar 4:5 –s 1000

Prompt credit: @PhletchyIRL

A Post Modern Hotel

A realistic image depicting of a post-modern hotel with architectural flair of bold and round structure embedded inside an enchanted forest, where pathways and moss covers parts of the dark-grey washed carbon fibre look that the hotel seems to be made from. a beautiful wildlife scenario and plant life intertwining with technological advancement in modern futuristic architecture –ar 3:2 –style raw –stylize 200 –v 6

Prompt credit: @hq_thekonsept – Created using: Midjourney