Download Large Files on RunPod – Jupyter Notebook

Download Large Files on RunPod – Jupyter Notebook

Tired of trying to use Runpodctl or Croc or Wget to download large checkpoint files or worse uploading via the Jupyter file browser which will take lot of time to upload. When you are running and using Cloud GPU like RunPod, time is literally money and last thing you...

Aesthetic styles in Midjourney

Aesthetics refers to the branch of philosophy that deals with the nature, beauty, and principles of art, beauty, and taste. It explores the subjective and objective aspects of what is considered visually or intellectually pleasing, as well as the study of sensory or...

Run Stable Diffusion Locally on Windows

Thanks to latest billing model with Google Colab, more and more people are switching to running Stable Diffusion and other models locally on their PC. This post is covering how to setup and run Stable Diffusion locally and the installation steps have been gathered...

Getting Started Stable Diffusion 2 in Paperspace Notebook

Many people have been looking at alternatives to Google Colab and one great solution is Paperspace. You can create multiple notebooks and run up machines using GPUs that are available for free or charged by the hour. In this post I want to share my workflow of how I...

Using ChatGPT to create prompts for AI Art

There are so many great resources available on the internet about creating prompts, some even try to sell you their prompts - don't fall into that trap. You don't need to buy prompts when there is so much freely available information out there. I saw this amazing...

How to install ComyUI Manager – Step by Step Video ComyUI is very powerful when it comes to building custom workflows to generate images, videos and all kinds of created images. In this video tutorial I show you how you can quickly and easily install ComfyUI Manager in your ComfyUI...


Create Fashion Portraits in Midjourney AI – by LinusEkenstam

Create Fashion Portraits in Midjourney AI – by LinusEkenstam

Fashion portraits in Midjourney AI are a great fun way to experiment and create unique images that have never been seen before. Linus (@LinusEkenstam) shows us how in this complete guide on how to create such interesting and intriguing images. I have been following...

Comic Illustrations Created using AI

Comic Illustrations Created using AI

Applications of AI generated Art continue to grow as the text-to-image generation software and services evolve. In this post we look at some great examples of comics created using illustrations generated using AI images. Twitter has become one of the biggest spaces...

UX Design using Midjourney AI

UX Design using Midjourney AI

In the context of UX design, this technology could potentially be used to help designers quickly generate visual ideas for a design concept. For example, a designer could input a description of a desired user interface and use a text-to-image generation tool like...


Installing ControlNet in Automatic1111

Installing ControlNet in Automatic1111

I've been experimenting more with my local PC with Stable Diffusion and enjoying the control I have over my images and generations. I wanted to make sure that I document the steps and share resources I have found when installing ControlNet on my local instance of...

Create Multiple Prompts in Midjourney – Permutations

Create Multiple Prompts in Midjourney – Permutations

One of the other most recent features released by Midjourney team has been the ability to create multiple variations of a prompt without having to type each prompt manually. The other feature is /describe which I covered in an earlier post. This is something that...

Get the Prompt of any Image with Midjourney

Get the Prompt of any Image with Midjourney

With Easter upon us, the engineers at Midjourney have been delivering some amazing Easter eggs for us to enjoy over these holidays. There are two BIG features that are /describe and permutations that are next level in AI text to image creation game. In this post we...


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A Distressed Illustration

A distressed illustration with chipped paint, obvious brush edges, artefacts, a defiant Ronin, surrounded by shadows of Samurai, azurite and copper colors, tenebrism, sgraffito, parchment :: sword ::-0.2

Prompt credit: @theartofweb – Created using: Midjourney v6 alpha

Intricate Costume in Rainforest

a person wearing an intricate costume on a pond in a rainforest, in the style of dark gold and dark aquamarine, powerful portraits, pop-culture-infused, junglecore, blink-and-you-miss-it detail, oriental, machine aesthetics gyptian mythical creature in armor and necklace, in the style of marianna rothen, densely patterned imagery, paul lovering, gold and aquamarine, culturally diverse elements, junglecore, stylish costume design –ar 73:80 –v 5.1

Prompt credit: @g0rillaAI

Lady in Fashion Steampunk

A full-length digital art rendering of a sophisticated lady in a fashion steampunk attire | Posing elegantly against a backdrop of a Victorian-era clock tower, bathed in the soft glow of sunset | Adorned with gears, brass elements, and antique leather details | Apply a muted color palette with sepia undertones to create a sense of historical intrigue and class –style raw –ar 3:2

Prompt credit: @techhalla

Multiple Pose Lomography

A phasomelic color skin toned articulating the progression of a woman within the cloudmix, liquid metal toned face, minimalist, 3 panel vector graphics:: multiple pose lomography:: kitschy –ar 16:9

Prompt credit: @HBCoop_

Expired Polaroid Film

expired polaroid film portrait of [subject], camera flash highlighting [subject], motion blur, night, out of focus and blurry, ISO 100, [color grading]

Prompt credit: @hugovntr

Sci-fi Space Astronauts

Astronauts in futuristic spacecraft, surrounded by white and black masks in a conceptual installation. Dark, emotional scene reminiscent of Michelangelo’s style. UHD image

Prompt credit: @ciguleva

Portal in the mountains

large metal object in the mountain, in the style of matte painting, atmospheric portraits, dark gray, transavanguardia, panel composition mastery, 32k uhd –ar 4:5 –s 1000

Prompt credit: @PhletchyIRL