A community announcement to share what we’ve been working on and where we see this taking us. I’ve been working with a good friend @AlexKess on finding the best way to harmonize the two spaces of AI Art creation and those who wish to learn Web3 (blockchain, NFTs). Both these worlds are very well aligned together.

We decided to create a single Discord server that host community of passionate AI Art enthusiasts, creators & collectors, celebrating, appreciating, sharing and learning from each other. As a result Artium AI was created which now incorporates WeirdWonderfulAI.Art discord channels.

We will also use Artium AI to help foster and nurture, the next generation of AI Artists, helping them realise their own vision. This community is extended further with exclusive access for our NFT art owners (Verify your ownership via vulcan-verify). It will be the exclusive home to the Symms, Bubble Beasts, The End NFT and Future Shamanism NFT Collections. Here you will find members-only chats, content & utility including early access to our new collections, workshops, special discord channels, etc